This $40 Organizer Keeps My Tiny Kitchen Clutter-Free — and It’s on Sale for Prime Day

updated Jul 12, 2022
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Credit: Minette Hand

When I moved into my own place six months ago, I didn’t consider that having more cookware than cabinet space would be an issue. After growing up surrounded by people, food, and plenty of room for storage, having to think small for my own home didn’t come naturally. I got all my kitchen essentials and then had to find a way to store them properly, since my cabinet can only accommodate so much. With no room to hang cookware over the stove or stock them on a cart, kitchen cabinets and counters were all I had to work with. I searched on the internet for small kitchen solutions and found YouCopia’s StoreMore Expandable Cookware Rack, which creates a compact method of storing pans I hadn’t considered before.

The StoreMore Rack is an adjustable organizer that’s made for the kitchen, but can be used practically anywhere. It expands from 12″ to 22″ wide, and has holes for its dividers that you can place where needed. The grips on the bottom keep it from sliding around, which is great when you need to pull out a skillet without shifting the entire rack. Best of all, there’s not much assembly required — just put the steel wire dividers where you want them to go and you’re all set!

Being able to store my pans vertically freed up half of the cabinet and made it possible to arrange other kitchen tools that needed a home — specifically my ceramic bakeware. The cookware rack also reduced the struggle of digging deep into the cabinet to reach pans that inevitably got pushed to the back. No more straining and bending at odd angles in search of the right-sized pan! The rack can also store baking dishes, lids, glass pans, griddles, and even cutting boards.

But the organizer isn’t just for sorting cookware. I’ve also used it in the pantry, storing things like chips, larger snack bags, and boxes. I also turned it into a file organizer in my home office, spacing the dividers close enough to hold folders, binders, notebooks, and books.

Essentially, the StoreMore Rack is just as useful in other places in the home as it is in the kitchen. It’s lightweight, easy to pack up, and frees your space from imminent clutter. As someone who loves the convenience of grab-and-go items at home, this organizer is certainly one I can get used to.

Buy: YouCopia StoreMore Expandable Cookware Rack, $32.99 (normally $39.99)