A “Bed Nook” May Just Be the Small-Space Solution You Need for Guests

published Oct 3, 2022
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For most people, guest rooms are a luxury — an urban myth similar to a subway line always running on time or a sidewalk that’s somehow mysteriously devoid of stains and cracks. While it’s the dream to provide guests with their own dedicated spaces, complete with a door that shuts, it’s not always possible to make that happen. Instead, most people have to get inventive. Blowing up an air mattress is one familiar example, as is plain ol’ ignoring whoever is sleeping on the couch while you’re in the kitchen.

But there happens to be another type of solution that you may not have considered yet. 

Stephanie Inman and her husband, John Tsourmas, have owned a home in the East End neighborhood of Boise, Idaho, for three years, which they share with two pets. Stephanie is a graphic designer who makes all types of art, and their 2,700-square-foot property reflects that creativity. There are miniature homes displayed on shelves, a mural in the dining room, and moody shades of black throughout, and everything seems to coordinate with shared colors and textures. And yet, there’s one area in the home that’s particularly enlightening. 

The couple’s daughters are grown and living elsewhere, and Stephanie and her husband didn’t want to have guest rooms for them. They still need a place to stay, however, and that’s how Stephanie and John have what they call “bed nooks.”

“This was my husband’s idea — built-in queen beds with a closet and small desk or ledge and drawers under the bed. That’s it. Simple and compact and great for guests, too,” she says. “They are like little charming train compartments under sloped ceilings, and super efficient.”

The beds are tucked into corners beside shelving, making them ideal for those who don’t have a lot of square footage to go around. If you have an unused alcove that’s punctuated by too many angles, or a console table or dresser that stands alone against a wall, consider this option as a way to host guests. Position a daybed underneath those angles, or move the console table or dresser behind a couch to swap a mattress in, and suddenly you’ll have a similar space for hosting. Adventurous DIYers may go as far as to install built-in shelving against the nearest wall, but it’s totally cool if you simply bring in a nightstand and a plug-in light. Add in matching pillows, some art, and perhaps a privacy screen for final touches, and suddenly you’re all set. 

The best part? This daybed doesn’t just have to be designated as a guest area. Use it for reading a book, scrolling through social media, or taking a nap. Having someplace besides your couch or bed to relax is always a good idea, no matter how big your home is. And when your guests come over, their clever nook is waiting.