I Finally Found an All-Season Comforter That I Can Even Use in the Summer — And It’s Only $27

published Apr 16, 2024
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Brick walls in bedroom with neatly made bed.
Credit: Erin Derby

Although I test bedding for a living, I’d never owned a comforter until recently. I’ve always loved the look of a basic white box-stitched comforter, and when I visit friends’ homes I frequently see one in their bedrooms — sometimes inside a duvet, other times not. Truth be told, after lounging in friends’ beds (particularly during movie nights), I was convinced that I didn’t actually want a comforter of my own. Sure, it looked fluffy and inviting, but once under the heavy covering, I found myself sweating in minutes and subsequently kicking it off. But my bed looked sad and flat with just a blanket over it, so I set about trying to find a comforter that wouldn’t feel stifling. That’s when I came across Bedsure’s all-season down alternative comforter. My colleagues here at AT have raved about this brand’s bedding in the past, so I opted to give this highly rated product a go. I’m so happy I did — even on warmer nights, it keeps me cozy yet cool all night long.

What Is the Bedsure All-Season Down Alternative Comforter?

Amazon shoppers love this comforter, as evidenced by its 53,000+ five-star ratings, and it’s easy to see why. It’s available in eight sizes and 15 colors, so you could put it inside a duvet or use it on its own in a fun shade like green or dusty blue. It’s also 100% polyester, which initially gave me pause. Polyester isn’t the most breathable material, but for under $30 I figured the covering was worth a try regardless. I would say the polyester shell and fill provide some warmth that’s good for the colder months, but the comforter is thin enough that its material doesn’t retain too much heat. Plus, its box-stitched design keeps the fill evenly distributed, so it won’t bunch up all around you. You’ll be happy to learn that the comforter also sports eight corner and side tabs, so you can easily attach it to the inside of your duvet cover without worrying that it might shift.

Credit: Bedsure

Why I Love the Bedsure All-Season Down Alternative Comforter

When I received the Bedsure comforter, the nights were still cold, and I found that it kept me warm enough if I wore cozy pajamas. Whereas the blankets I’d been using would get tangled around my legs throughout the night, I loved that this bed covering stayed flat over me no matter how much I turned. If you’re looking for something really fluffy, this probably won’t be the comforter for you. It’s of a medium thickness, so it’s thinner than your average comforter but thicker than a basic blanket. So although it looks fine on its own, it looks even better inside a duvet. My duvet cover doesn’t have any interior loops, so I couldn’t use the comforter’s tabs to secure it, but it was still fairly easy to push inside and shake out, resulting in a nice, clean bedding setup.

In recent weeks, the temps here in New York City have risen to the point where I no longer sleep with the heat on. Although I was apprehensive about whether the comforter would cause me to overheat during the night, I’m happy to report that it hasn’t. In fact, it helps me maintain a perfect temperature, so I never wake up shivering or sweating through my clothes. (Side note: Bedsure also recently released Breescape, a line of cooling bedding designed for hot nights.) I’m excited to have found exactly what I was looking for, and I can’t wait to keep using my comforter during the summer and beyond.

Buy: Bedsure All Season Down Alternative Comforter, Queen, $26.99 (normally $41.99)