Parachute’s New Sheets Set Is My Go-To for Warm Weather (They Keep Me Cool All Night Long!)

published Apr 10, 2024
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Neatly made bed in light filled room.
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Although it might not feel like it yet, spring has arrived, and it’s time to change up your bedding accordingly. The hot temps will be here before you know it, and you don’t want to be stuck sweltering in a set of flannel sheets on a summer night. Instead, you’ll want to opt for cooling materials and lightweight coverings that’ll help regulate your body temperature and look breezy atop your bed. For that, we typically turn to Parachute. Our editors are longtime fans of their cloudlike quilts and other luxe offerings, so you can imagine our excitement when we learned that the brand launched an all-new material just in time for spring and summer. As a lover of all things linen, I jumped at the chance to try the brand’s Heirloom Tencel Linen bedding, and I knew right away that it would stay on my bed through fall. And, of course, because it’s Parachute, it looks oh-so-stylish.

What Is the Heirloom Tencel Linen Sheet Set?

Parachute’s new Heirloom Tencel Linen material is somewhat of an anomaly — it feels cool and smooth to the touch, yet sports that relaxed, slightly wrinkled finish that linen is known for. It’s made from a blend of European flax linen and Tencel lyocell fibers, the former of which is sustainably sourced, biodegradable, and made in a closed-loop production process to minimize waste. The fresh collection includes everything you need to outfit your bed, including sheet sets, duvet covers, and pillow shams, all crafted with temperature regulation and breathability in mind, so you can rest easy knowing you won’t overheat throughout the night. Regarding the sheet set, you can purchase a full set that includes a top sheet or opt to forego the top sheet, which is what I did. You also have a choice between side-open pillowcases or back envelope pillowcases.

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Why I Love the Heirloom Tencel Linen Sheet Set

I actually received both the Heirloom Tencel Linen sheet set and the matching duvet cover in the color “Bone.” Although I have colleagues who don’t like the lived-in look and feel of linen, I love it and think it makes my bedding look more upscale. Parachute’s new material did not disappoint in that regard; it’s actually softer and not as wrinkly as some of the other linen bedding I’ve tested, though the pillowcases were pretty rumpled when they came out of the dryer. However, after a couple of quick passes with my garment steamer, they were back to normal. I quickly outfitted my mattress and pillows in the sheet set, then set about inserting my comforter into the duvet cover, which was made pretty easy thanks to the duvet’s button opening. When I spread the duvet over the bed, I found that the Tencel linen fabric had a fabulous drape — it laid over my bed looking perfectly breezy and fluffed. I also love the set’s sandy beige color, though I might try to break it up later with a pop of pink or green via a top sheet or accent pillow. That’s another perk — the neutral hue is so easy to mix and match.

Now, onto the most important question: Did the bedding keep me cool? For reference, I frequently fall asleep with my thermostat set to 73 degrees and wake up in the middle of the night to turn it off because I start sweating. Since I’ve had this sheet and duvet combo on my bed, that hasn’t happened. I sleep through the night without waking up, which might not be great for my electric bill at the moment but will come in clutch during the summer. I’ve also been sleeping soundly because I’m not constantly turning and readjusting to find the cool spots underneath me  — every spot is cool! Even under a comforter, I don’t feel stifled or smothered. In other words, the new material accomplishes exactly what it promises.

Despite its impressive cooling properties, Parachute’s Heirloom Tencel Linen bedding can still be used year-round, especially if you’re a hot sleeper. Snag your own sheet set or duvet cover ahead of summer, and experience a chill (and stylish) night’s sleep firsthand.

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