10 Editor-Tested Cooling Bedding Products We Love, From Pillows to Sheets

published May 31, 2023
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If you scroll through our editor-tested bedding reviews here on AT, you’ll quickly discover two things. First, there are a lot of them. And second, a solid chunk of those reviews center around cooling bedding, specifically. Not only are many of our staffers hot sleepers, but some of us also live in places that stay warm year-round. Suffice it to say, whether you’re looking to invest in some eucalyptus sheets or a new mattress topper that’ll soften up a firm bed without adding a layer of heat, we’ve most likely written a love letter to it. Not to bluff, but we’re basically experts when it comes to the brands that have the nicest all-season comforters, cooling foam pillows, and everything else that’ll help your bed remain a chilled oasis as the summer temps soar. The only issue you might’ve run into is the lack of an all-encompassing list that contains our faves in one place. Well, we’re here once again to remedy that! Before you resume your search for the best summer staples, have a look through our top cooling picks below, as they cover a wide range of brands and bedding categories.

1 / 10
Brooklyn Bedding
was $129.00

Technically, this memory foam pillow is suited for all sleepers, though it was specifically designed to respond to shifts in pressure and temperature. As a result, it'll prevent the typical stuffiness you might experience with a regular pillow and also keep your head and neck stable if you share a bed with someone who moves a lot. Charli, AT's executive lifestyle director, says it's been a total gamechanger in her home. "My husband is a hot sleeper who sweats sometimes at night from his hairline,” she said. “He says there was a noticeable difference in his comfort here and credits that to the breathability of this pillow.” She also added that the pillow added the just right amount of height and support to decrease her husband's snoring. In other words, this pillow is nothing short of a miracle worker.

2 / 10
was $199.00

We love nothing more than a chic, thin coverlet for the warmer months, and this matelasse number fits the bill perfectly. It even converted SEO commerce editor Sarah to a lightweight bedding enthusiast. In addition to finding that it kept her cool for hours on end, she also couldn't help but appreciate how comfy the blanket is. "It’s incredibly soft, and not in that “it’s-so-cuddly-I’m-going-to-overheat” way," she wrote. "As I held it against my skin, I knew it was going to be a winner. When it was finally time to head to bed, I pulled the coverlet back, slid underneath, and found that the underside of the blanket is even softer than the outside — a big win." You'll want to hurry, though, because the coverlet is final sale.

3 / 10
Sunday Citizen

You might think that the words "cooling" and "duvet" don't belong in the same product name, but Sunday Citizen's premium bamboo duvet proves otherwise. Best List editor Britt was already a fan of the brand before trying this silky-smooth covering, and catching a full night of Z's under its airy material only solidified her loyalty. "The cover is so breathable that I never, ever feel the need to push it off of me in the middle of the night," she wrote. "I love to sleep buried under the covers, so being able to do so comfortably without my A/C blowing ice cold (and inflating my electric bill) was amazing."

4 / 10
was $195.00

Buffy's entire Breeze line is always a solid choice regardless of whether you're after a cooling comforter, pillow, or sheet set. Mark, AT's director of commerce, loves the latter in particular, and it's no wonder why. Woven from eucalyptus that'll give you that desired icy-cold feeling, the Breeze sheets are incredibly soft and durable. "I was used to waking up several times in the middle of the night, sweating and alternating between covering and uncovering myself in an effort to get comfortable," Mark wrote. "But Buffy’s Eucalyptus Sheets... were designed to regulate body temperature, and they seriously live up to the hype." What's more, the more you wash them, the softer the sheets get!

5 / 10
Nest Bedding
was $107.00

Another temperature-regulating pick, Nest Bedding's Easy Breather Pillow arrives overstuffed with a memory foam and polyester fiber fill, which you can remove to achieve your desired level of plushness. Consequently, you get an interior that's neither too flat nor too voluminous concealed under a heat-dispersing cover. After testing her own Easy Breather, Britt recommends the pillow to both hot and combination sleepers alike. "Thanks to its moisture-wicking capabilities, not once did I get that cheek-sticking-to-the-pillow feeling that comes when the bedroom gets too stuffy," she wrote. In short, you'll never lose that "other side of the pillow" sensation.

6 / 10
Brooklyn Bedding
was $2265.00

After this cooling infused foam mattress blew up on the internet, we simply had no choice but to try it out for ourselves. Prior to sleeping on its moisture-wicking surface, Sarah said she would frequently wake up feeling stiff and drenched in sweat. After one night on the Aurora, however, "I slept soundly, comfortably, and finally woke up without a bead of sweat on my forehead," she wrote. In addition to its heat-repelling properties, the mattress also conforms to the body to provide excellent pressure point relief from head to toe. No matter what kind of sleeper you are, you're sure to love it just as much as our editor does.

7 / 10
Sleep Number
was $159.99

You might know Sleep Number best for their unbelievably comfy mattresses, but it'd be a shame not to check out their other bedding offerings, as well. Take the True Temp blanket, for example. Jasmine, AT's former senior commerce editor, says the blanket transformed her sleep. "Night after night, I woke up feeling cooler and more refreshed than before," she wrote. "It’s also worth noting that when the AC is cranked up a bit too high, or the changing spring weather gets chilly, this blanket does just as good of a job keeping me warm without feeling like an oven." As a result, you'll get plenty of use out of this covering even after summer.

8 / 10
Sijo Home
was $80.00

What extraordinary qualities doesn't this mattress protector possess? In addition to being lightweight, waterproof, and cool to the touch, the SIJO must-have also won't cause allergy flare-ups or create those annoying plastic rustling noises. Contributor Stella credits it with creating sweat-free, uninterrupted sleep sessions, writing, "After one wash, any stiffness the SIJO may have had melted into a soft, silent, and pliable protector that easily (and snuggly) tucks beneath the four corners of my mattress, fitted sheet style." Even if you sleep on thin sheets, you'll barely notice it's there, save for the added comfort it provides.

9 / 10
was $239.00

I can say without hesitation that Brooklinen's organic core sheets are the thinnest sheets I've ever slept on, though this isn't to say that they're low-quality. Quite the opposite, in fact. The sheets' organic cotton percale fabric is smooth and durable, but its airy construction wrinkles easily to give your bed a lived-in, boho look. There's nothing like coming home after a hot day and slipping beneath their chilled material — you might give it a try sometime.

10 / 10

Whereas shopping for summer bedding is pretty straightforward, those weird, in-between periods will have you questioning what kind of covering to adorn your bed with. No matter the season (or off season), you can rely on Saatva's all-year down alternative comforter, whose quilted panels keep the fill evenly distributed at all times. "It keeps me warm when it’s cold outside, and I never got overheated on humid nights," Britt wrote of her own comforter. "Consider me WOWed!"