Before & After: An Unbelievable (& Adorable) Sofa Save

published Sep 27, 2014
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(Image credit: Tinca)

This sofa has seen better days. Honestly, it takes a lot of vision to think it’s got any potential! Tinca took this sofa home and changed it for the better — plus made it ultra functional for a home that happens to house pretty cute pets.

(Image credit: Tinca)
(Image credit: Tinca)

From Tinca:

Maybe we found this old sofa on a curb and then dragged it inside or maybe we didn’t. 🙂 But we did decide to give it a complete overhaul. Originally this was a sofa bed you could stretch out. The other thing we wanted to try is to make the sofa covers removable and washable. We designed the frame and the covers so you can take off the covers and wash them in the washing machine. This is especially important for pet owners like us. First we stripped the sofa to the bare bones. The old foam was crumbling to pieces and we even found some old spider webs in the hollow arms. It was quite unappealing. When it was stripped we brought it to our place. All in all we paid for all the stuff around 250 euros. It definitely would be a lot cheaper if the sofa would be made without the bed part and the covers would not be removable. Then the cost would be around 170 euros plus the fabric.

Thank you Tinca! See more on Tinca’s blog, with a lot of instructional photos.

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