Before & After: Dad’s Collection Turned Patterned Penny Tile Floor

published Apr 23, 2015
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(Image credit: Amanda)

Amanda’s late father collected over 10,000 pennies in his lifetime. She turned those cents into a gorgeous patterned floor inspired by Paris.

(Image credit: Amanda)

From Amanda:

Ever since visiting Parisian cafes, we’ve always had a thing for hex or penny-tiled floors. It just so happens that my late father left a collection of over 10,000 actual pennies. Four years ago, I started packing my carry-on full of them each time flew across the country to visit my Mom. Now, 20 years after his death, Dad’s pennies, and our Parisian dreams have found a new home.

The floor was surprisingly easy, (but of course extremely time consuming) to make. We watched a lot of Netflix while we sorted out the shiniest and dirties pennies which we used to to maximize the contrast in the design of the floor.

We tried using cement board tape (the stuff normally used for drywalling) as a backing for the pennies, and it worked brilliantly. Best of all, sticking the pennies on the tape first (instead of directly on the floor) meant that we didn’t have to spend hours huddled over the floor gluing coins.

There are special pennies hidden throughout the floor (a 1907 Indian Head penny for example). One row of the floor features pennies in sequential order from 1926 to present day.

It was an insane project, but so meaningful on a personal level…and we love the result. We hope you do too!

Find step by step instructions on Amanda’s Tumblr.

Thank you Amanda!