Before & After: This Exterior Makeover Will Make You Turn (Sea-Foam) Green With Envy

Before & After: This Exterior Makeover Will Make You Turn (Sea-Foam) Green With Envy

Ashley's adorable home needed a bit of a boost in the exterior paint department. After giving herself permission to just friggin go for it, she decided that they would not only be painting their home sea-foam green, they'd be doing it themselves. Sweat was sweated, paint was painted and a few labor heavy weekends later, a bold and bright house emerged.

From Ashley: Our little 1950s bungalow was a friendly shade of yellow when we bought it eight years ago, but the paint job was worn even then.

Our house's paint job definitely needed a refresh; it was peeling and we wanted to keep our house in good condition. My father-in-law offered to help us paint it ourselves. I thought if he was offering, it couldn't be that hard. Well, it was hard, but that's the process part of the story.

We had been considering repainting it yellow or even white, but I was taking a walk around my neighborhood of similar houses, and I noticed all the colors that are acceptable for our time-period. I thought it would be a real waste of an opportunity to paint a house a bright color if I didn't go for it. Not every style home can sport sea foam green. We decided to be brave and go for it.

We thought it would take a couple weekends. It ended up taking six weekends, not all in a row. Just remember if you dare to do this, there is a lot of prep work–fixing trim, caulking, power-washing, and clearing branches that touch the house were some things we hadn't accounted for, but were extremely important for a quality finished product.

We are people who enjoy relaxing and who have minimal spare time (so normal people), so it was a lot of work to jazz ourselves up enough to use our weekends to do manual labor. But we did it! We did it! And we saved thousands.

We had some quotes for $4,000 and up. We spent about $800, including some new window-casings and gutters. If you decide to hire it out, know that I'm certain you get what you pay for, so don't just go cheap, check work and references. And respect the person doing it because, darn.

The best part about all my whining above is that I probably only spent a day or two doing my part, while my husband and his dad did 90% of the work. Thanks guys for being so go-gettery!

It's a little brighter than I'd imagined. I think I'd pictured a more "water-color" version of what we got. That said, I love the finished product. I smile so much every time we pull up to our sea-foam home and my daughter Harriet says, "Hi House!"

It is cheerful and unexpected, and not something everyone has, which I like.

Also, my vintage shop is painted the same color, and coming home reminds me of the shop, and that makes me happy.

Ashley's words of wisdom: House painting is a long, laborious task. Think more than twice before doing it yourself. It's a big commitment of many weekends full of prep-time, priming, painting, trim painting, putting your gutters back, and more. That said, we saved a ton of money. And we feel accomplished and proud, even.

Finally, sea-foam green will bring you visual pleasure for the rest of your days if you put it on a house. Just do it.

Thank you, Ashley! You can see more on Ashley's site Retro Den.

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