Before & After: A Stylish Salvage for Under $40

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Who among us hasn’t spotted a piece with a ton of potential, took it home to gussy it up and then totally forgot about it? After letting this guy get a little too aquainted with his attic storage, Malcolm pulled him out and give him a timeless and stylish upgrade.

From Malcolm: I spotted this sorry little fellow a few years ago, lying abandoned in the back of a reclamation yard. I could just see his little leg, as the long grass had grown up through him. It took some pulling to get him out but for £3 he was totally worth it. I took him home and planned what to do with him.

Sadly, he lay abandoned in my attic for a few more years until he finally got his cosmetic overhaul. Boy did he come out good!

My original plan, all those years ago, was to find a nice piece of reclaimed oak to replace the sorry laminate top. I’m so glad I waited. A chance purchase of a marble chopping board in TK Maxx (I’m in Aberdeen, Scotland, it’s TK Maxx instead of TJ Maxx here…I dunno why?!) inspired me to release him from his attic prison. I couldn’t believe it when I tried his new top on… a perfect fit! I had to saw off the original handles, to allow it to lower on to the original top fittings. A thorough sand to remove the rust, two coats of primer and a further two topcoats of black satin spray paint had his frame looking better than new. All that was left was to glue on his gorgeous new marble crown. The makeover only took half a day, including drying time. Including the marble top and the cost of materials, the whole project came in at around £30 ($37.50). Bargain!

Now he’s no longer overlooked and has his purpose in life.

Thank you, Malcolm!