The Best Editor-Tested Bath Mats That Won’t Get Gross and Grimy

updated Sep 16, 2022
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When was the last time you replaced your bath mat? Better yet, when was the last time you looked at it and admired how it enhances your bathroom space? When it comes to household essentials that have the potential to be both decor and improve the experience of being in a space, they’re right up there with rugs, duvet covers, and lighting. They can be as much functional as show-stopping, so don’t be afraid to take a top-down approach to shopping for a bath mat. In other words, go ahead and judge them by their covers — you’ll be able to tell fairly quickly whether or not it’s anything you’ll want to step on (or even see) fresh out of the shower. While a bath mat is primarily meant to prevent you from slipping or drenching the bathroom, you also have to touch and look at it. So, we went on the hunt for the best-looking, most comfortable-feeling, and highest-performing bath mats on the market.

If shopping for a bath mat hasn’t been as easy as simply adding one that matches your bath towels to your cart — or if doing so has left you wanting more in the way of flair, plushness, absorption, non-slip features, color, etc. — you’re in the right place. We put bath mats from a range of brands, prices, and purposes to the test. Keep scrolling to find out the ones that impressed us the most.

The Best Bath Mats

What to Consider When Buying a Bath Mat

Bath mats are a combination of aesthetics and functionality. Both are important, but think about which one concerns you and your household the most: whether it suits your decor, feels amazing, or takes all the anti-slip precautions. Do you have kids or elderly household family members? How many people need to use the bath mat? How often are you able to wash it? Determining your priorities first can dramatically narrow your scope in terms of shopping for the right bath mat.

In terms of aesthetics, if you’re into bright colors or bold designs, woven mats tend to offer more possibilities. If you prefer natural materials, a minimalist look, or Scandinavian- or Japanese-inspired decor, wood mats are a solid option. Are you open to prints and designs or would you prefer a more classic look? Does it need to match your bath towels? Do you just care about it staying put, being absorbent, and drying quickly? Perhaps investing in a low-profile stone bath mat (that’ll last years) is best for you.

Once you know the look(s) you’re open to, think about sizing. Will you need something small, large, or could you go for multiple mats? Lastly, how do you want it to feel? Thick, soft, and fluffy? Solid, fast-drying, and sturdy? Somewhere in-between?

Take a look below at the different materials most commonly used for bath mats to find which one could offer you the most in terms of your preferred look, sizing, and feel.


Cotton: Moisture-wicking and hypoallergenic, this natural material is the most common among traditional bath mats. These have the potential to match your bath towels or be totally unique stand-alone pieces.

Chenille: Blended from cotton, silk, wool, or other natural or synthetic fibers, chenille bath mats leverage the properties of each material in order to absorb water quickly, be washer- and dryer-friendly (check care instructions first!), and stay colorfast with a bit of sheen. They’re often soft, even fluffy, with a highly textured appearance.

Stone: Commonly made from diatomaceous earth, or the naturally occurring mineral found in the sea made from fossilized organisms, stone bath mats air-dry extremely quickly, are resistant to bacteria and mold, need only occasional rinses, and absorb around 150 percent of their weight in water in an instant.

Wood: Typically crafted from bamboo, teak, or beech wood, these bath mats are corrosion resistant and mildew proof. What they lack in fluffiness, they make up for by not requiring a trip to the washing machine or nearly as many washes overall. Depending on what the wood is coated with, if at all, these bath mats are either water resistant or highly absorbent.

Nylon: One of the most low-maintenance synthetic materials when it comes to bath mats, nylon can be machine washed and dried with little fuss. While not usually as soft as cotton, chenille, or some other synthetic fibers, it’s highly durable and great for households with kids or multiple people.

Polyester: Both water- and stain-resistant, polyester makes a better material for bath mats than it does bath towels or linens that have more sustained contact with our skin. These mats are easy to wash regularly, stay colorfast, and yield designs with cleaner, more perfected lines.

Memory Foam: Able to quickly contour to the shape of your foot, memory foam bath mats are like absorbent pillows for your bathroom floor. They’re almost always paired with non-slip traction underneath for the best of both worlds: softness and support.

What We Look For in a Bath Mat

We put a number of bath mats across a range of styles and materials to the test, judging them by the following criteria:

  • Functionality: How absorbent is it? Does it capture water quickly? How long can it go between washes? Is it non-slip?
  • Look: What style does it best suit? Is the design bold? Does it fade after washing?
  • Feel: Is it comfortable to step on? Is it soft or hard? Fluffy or smooth? Does it feel secure to the ground?

The Best Bath Mats

“Even though I’ve tested other bath mats, this is still my favorite one for regular use,” AT assistant shopping editor Britt says of Weezie’s Piped Edge Bath Mat, part of the brand’s Piped Edge bath linen collection. During her first impression, she “really got a feel for how brightly the Weezie bath mat shines.” Weezie’s organic long-staple cotton mat is “super absorbent and somehow feels even softer after a bath,” says Britt. “I loved that it had grips covering the bottom to keep it in place and a discreet loop to hang it up to dry when it’s not in use. I thought after a few uses, it would start to show signs of a week’s worth of hard work, but it didn’t get gross and grimy like most other bath mats.”

When it eventually does need a wash, it’s as easy as tossing into the washer with your bath towels. And that crispy, bright white? Britt says the French blue piping and fresh white cotton style she opted for “looks just as new as it did when it arrived.” An aesthetic mix between classic cotton bath mats and the unique and stylish ones we’re seeing from a number of trendy home brands, the Piped Edge Bath Mat earns fives stars for functionality, longevity, and design.


  • 100% OEKO-TEX certified organic long-staple cotton
  • Available in 11 colors
  • Available in 2 sizes, including a larger bath rug
  • Machine wash cold; tumble dry low

Who It’s Best For: Those who want something easily washable; those who want something soft and plush; those who like the classic white look (but want a little something extra).

Good to Know: You can personalize your Weezie bath mat with a custom monogram for an additional $15.

The Company Cotton Turkish Bath Mat reminds Britt “of the bath mats that they leave in a hotel bathroom. It’s really lightweight but surprisingly absorbent!” But Britt’s real “A-HA! moment” about the greatness of this bath mat came when “one afternoon my shower was dripping (not a steady stream of water but enough to make the floor wet) and the bath mat was still out, but the area around it was dry because the mat was soaking up the water that was coming down from the shower head… it surpassed my expectations! It’s super easy to clean since you can toss it in the wash with your towels. I’ve been using it for a couple of months now, and it’s held up really well!” And for around just $20, we call that a win.


  • 100% combed Turkish cotton
  • Available in 19 colors
  • Available in 1 size: 20″ x 36″
  • Machine wash cold; tumble dry low

Who It’s Best For: Those who want high-quality cotton without paying too high a price; those who like the classic bath mat style; those who want their bath mat to match their towels.

Good to Know: This bath mat isn’t non-slip, but it’s perfect for laying over the edge of a bath tub between uses.

*Honorable Mention: If you’re anything like our editor Alicia, who says “bath mats aren’t one of those home items that I want to splurge on” and just “want something that works, no-frills,” the non-slip SONORO KATE Bathroom Mat is for you. Alicia says it “is the best I’ve ever owned. It’s never slipped, dries relatively quickly, and is soft to step onto out of the shower.”

Parachute’s Organic Cotton Bath Mat is one of Britt’s “favorites to use at home because it’s highly absorbent, dries quickly, and feels amazing! It’s made of 100 percent organic cotton and has a light texture but an overall cushioned design that makes it feel plush under your feet (even though it doesn’t necessarily look plush).” While its low-pile design lends to a clean and minimalist aesthetic, “it’s just as soft and absorbent as Parachute’s Organic Cotton Bath Towels and can also be washed in the machine with the rest of your towels.” Even though it lacks synthetic or rubber non-slip traction underneath, Britt says, “I haven’t experienced it sliding around very much, if at all. It’s just as thick as it was when I first got it, and I haven’t noticed any shedding after washing it a few times.” Parachute’s textiles are both made to last and to look at, and this bath mat is no exception.


  • 100% GOTS and OEKO-TEX certified organic cotton
  • Available in 3 colors
  • Available in 1 size: 20″ x 31″
  • Machine wash cold; tumble dry low

Who It’s Best For: Those who want a low-profile bath mat; those who prefer the classic cotton non-slip style; those who want to match their mat to their bath towels.

Good to Know: This bath mat has earned the most certifications of any in our list when it comes to avoiding harmful chemicals, synthetics, and textile processes.

When I put the Avocado Wooden Bath Mat to the test, I’d never used a wooden bath mat that I’d liked before. They’re obviously hard, usually have sharp corners, and the gaps between the wood panels have given me minor anxiety (like I’m going to fall through two inches of space). For whatever reason, none of these have been issues for me with this mat. Perhaps it’s because the wooden slots are close together, the edges and surface are sanded and softened (including the corners!), and it actually feels great to step on straight out of the shower. To clean it, I just shower it off — but since it’s crafted from American beech wood, it was born to withstand moisture and humidity and rarely needs a deep clean. Not to mention, it’s very attractive. I’ve seen guests even linger at the bathroom door when I give them the grand tour.


  • 100% American beech wood
  • Available in 1 color
  • Available in 2 sizes
  • Rinse clean; buff light stains with fine-grit sandpaper

Who It’s Best For: Those who want a bath mat they don’t have to machine wash; those who want to avoid stepping on damp fabric post-shower; those who are new to wood bath mats or weary of sharp edges.

Good to Know: The Wooden Bath Mat is also available in a runner style that’s especially luxe if you’ve got space to spare.

*Honorable Mention: Love the wood bath mat look but want to spend less or need something ASAP? The Signature Living Bamboo Bath Mat is an excellent runner-up (for just $35!). In comparison to Avocado’s beech wood, the bamboo of this mat is more water-repellent than absorbent. It’s also a slightly smaller size (19.7″ x 13″), making it ideal for small bathrooms.

Seeing the Dorai Home Zen Bath Stone on the floor of a guest bathroom I stayed in recently instantly made the (otherwise, frankly, rather dated) bathroom feel modern and luxe. And, yes, I did take a shower just to try it out. Upon stepping out, I noticed the stone quickly raised its own temperature to meet mine. All the water I purposefully dragged out onto the mat with me dissolved into the stone within 30 seconds. As it turns out, the algae and recycled paper blend it’s crafted from (found only at Dorai!) can absorb 150 percent of its weight in moisture and evaporate it all in seconds.


  • Made from Dorai Home’s patented material Diomat: diatomaceous earth and recycled paper
  • Available in 2 colors
  • Available in 1 size: 23.6″ x 15.4″
  • Rinse to clean; use included sander to buff away stains and scuffs

Who It’s Best For: Those who want something seriously long-lasting; those who want the quickest-drying mat option; those who don’t necessarily need a plush bath mat.

Good to Know: Dorai Home also makes dish-drying mats and other kitchen, bathroom, and even pet essentials made to withstand years of water wear — and look good doing it.

AT contributor Amy is “a big fan of the Pebble & Crane Adelaid Bath Mat.” Soft, fluffy, and ultra-plush, it has the luxe sheen we expect of quality chenille blends, and its pebble-like design is reminiscent of spa stones, both aesthetically and functionally. “I love the texture,” Amy says. “It’s like a subtle mini foot massage and super soft underfoot. The material feels luxe, not cheap, and the price is very reasonable for a bath mat,” especially from a smaller brand outside the scope of Amazon or other big-box retailers.


  • 70% microfiber and 30% cotton
  • Available in 7 colors
  • Available in 1 size: 20″ x 30″
  • Machine wash cold; tumble dry low

Who It’s Best For: Those who want something super fluffy and soft; those who love high-pile bath mats and rugs with texture.

Good to Know: This mat “doesn’t have any treads or anything to keep it in place,” Amy notes, “but that said, I would definitely recommend it.”

Best Customizable: Pattern Letterfolk Tile Mat

When contributor Stella spotted this “DIY-esque decor solution on Pattern Brands — my go-to site for tasteful kitchen and home essentials,” she knew she had to put it to the test. “The Tile Mat from Letterfolk is a 2′ x 3′ flexible vinyl mat that can occupy any space, from the bathroom to the doorway to the kitchen,” she says. “The mat’s hexagonal tiles serve as a base upon which you can create the design of your choice (don’t worry they also have templates if you aren’t comfortable completely DIY-ing it). Each bag of 75 tiles costs just $12, and you can choose from dozens of eye-catching colors. The first time I put mine together, I made a whole evening out of it!” For Stella, it’s the “newest, coolest addition to my apartment.” A customizable bath/kitchen/door mat and art project in-one? Don’t mind if we do (it-ourselves).


  • Made from rubber-like flexible vinyl
  • Available in 3 base colors and 17 tile colors, plus 27 limited-edition colors
  • Available in 1 size: 18″ x 30″
  • Clean with dish soap and an abrasive brush

Who It’s Best For: Those who look for the most interesting version of home essentials; those who love DIYs; those who tend to change up their decor often.

Good to Know: By grabbing a couple of the Letterfolk Tile Mats, you could adorn your home room to room — including the front door, kitchen, laundry room, and bathroom — for a cool, cohesive, statement-making look (that’s changeable whenever you want!). Keep in mind that oil-based residues may stain this mat as they would a typical cotton material.

Best Memory Foam: Genteele Non-Slip Bath Mat

The Genteele Non-Slip Bath Mat‘s 55,000-plus reviews got it on our radar for this list, but the accuracy of its reviewers’ claims are what made it a winner. I put the memory foam bath mat from Amazon to the test and this affordable find takes the cake. Its memory foam fill made from polyurethane is similar to what is used to craft a number of the super cozy memory foam mattresses we’ve tried. When you step out of the shower, the mat’s plushness allows it to contour your feet while the microfiber velvet surface swiftly wicks water away, all without being too thick or bulky. And because it comes in a lot of colors and sizes, you get to creatively customize your bathroom’s color scheme and arrangement of mats. For less than $30, why not score a few of them so you always have something cozy to step on in the bathroom, even on laundry day.


  • Velvet microfiber surface, polyurethane memory foam fill, and PVC dot non-slip underside
  • Available in 22 colors
  • Available in 7 sizes
  • Machine wash cold; tumble dry low

Who It’s Best For: Those who want to step on something plush without it being too fluffy or shaggy; those who want something budget friendly.

Good to Know: In order to get the most out of this bath mat’s non-slip underside, only place the mat down on thoroughly dry (and clean!) floors. From there, its own weight will keep in in place so it can absorb whatever it needs to afterward.

When it comes to aesthetics, Coming Soon NY and the brands the retailer carries — like editor-favorite Cold Picnic — are leading home decor trends. Cold Picnic’s bath mats all have a non-slip underside. I tested the Medium Cool style, but I’m also a big fan of the Crop Circles design and shape. Designers Phoebe Sung and Peter Buer craft playful textiles, rugs, and even wallpaper that guarantee any space energy and life, and I can certainly attest to this. When it comes to high-quality, modern, and trendy bathroom decor, just a single (soft, absorbent, and striking!) bath mat from Cold Picnic can take it to the next level.


  • 100% organic cotton and anti-slip backing
  • Available in many colors, designs, and shapes
  • Available in 1 size: 28″ x 28″
  • Machine wash cold; tumble dry low

Who It’s Best For: Those who prefer bold designs and bright colors; those who want something unique; those who want to shop smaller.

Good to Know: You can shop Cold Picnic for your entire home alongside tons of other new, small, and/or trending brands in Coming Soon NY’s shop-by-room section.

*Honorable Mention: Style editor Blair calls the Kassatex Chairish Bath Mat “the prettiest” she’s ever come across. “I absolutely love the fun scalloped edges, which basically graduate these to decor level” wherever you place the bath mat. “You also can’t go wrong with the muted hues and contrasting trim.”