10 Castlery Couch Finds Your Living Room (and Budget) Will Love

updated May 15, 2024
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When I was in my early 20s and living in New York City as an intern, I was fascinated by this woman in my office. She seemed to have it all: intimidatingly chic, shock-white hair, a cool tech job in Soho, sensible yet stylish black outfits, and the wisdom of decades in the real world. Toward the end of the summer, she gave me one piece of advice: “Don’t buy the couch yet.” In other words, “Don’t settle down until you’ve allowed yourself to drift a bit.” I didn’t put down roots long enough to require a couch of my own until I was 27. 

But I could see why my smart coworker had advised me to wait: Other than the fact that I’d be tied to this cumbersome new piece of furniture, I now had to find something in my price range that I didn’t mind hanging onto for at least a decade. Maybe my research process would have been easier if I’d known about Castlery back then.

The Best Castlery Sofas

Castlrey is home to couches in a variety of styles and fabrics, many of which are under $2,000. What’s more, they speak the language of the millennial or Gen Z customer with a tight budget: You can do monthly Affirm payments for their products! Below are 10 Castlery options that will make you happy you finally committed to that couch — and probably impress the sophisticated older woman in your office, too. Your wise aunt figure would also be happy to know you can protect your purchase with a two-, three-, or five-year warranty option and get an extra 5% off if you pair your new couch with an ottoman, coffee table, sideboard, TV stand, or armchair. 

Do you have a Castlery sofa you love? We want to hear all about it! Tell us about your favorite finds in the comments below.

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was $2499.00

If you’re looking for a couch that allows you to entertain without taking up too much space in your living room (especially if you’re doing tiny-apartment city living), this sectional is a great option. With nearly 80 inches of seatable width, you can comfortably snuggle in for movie date night. This couch also comes in four versatile colors that will look good with pretty much any color scheme, in case your redecorating days are just beginning.

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was $3696.00

The Dawson is like the Owen’s big brother: It’s got the same basic perks, just on a larger scale. The 126-inch sofa is equipped for a slightly better-attended movie night, but it only comes in Beach Linen. If you’re looking for the vibe of a “cloud couch,” as one reviewer puts it, this is your guy — the combo of down and foam in the cushions allows you to sink into the seat without completely sinking into the couch. An important balance.

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was $1999.00

Want your couch to look just as inviting and minimalist as your friend’s $4,000 couch but for half the price? At $2,000, the Pebble Chase Sectional comes in Ivory White, Ocean Blue, Shadow Gray, and Forest Green, so you have plenty of options to add a pop of color to your living room.

4 / 10

Adults have tufted-back couch cushions, or so you probably internalized when you were 12 and visited your independent adult relatives with no kids and disposable incomes. Thankfully, this tufted-back reversible sectional comes in at a cool $1,799 and allows you some room to play with what side of the couch your extra legroom goes. Now that’s adulting.

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was $1399.00

How about a choice that looks as soft and inviting as a velvet couch but has removable polyester cushions and covers? The Verona sofa comes in Nickel Gray or Carbon Gray and is offset with a brass-plated metal leg frame. Gotta love a contrast!

6 / 10

Back to the options for tiny spaces. At 62 inches wide for seating, the Lucia Cane Sofa is the perfect choice if you’re working with a less-than-optimal-sized living room. Its eye-catching rattan design makes it the main event as well as a decorative piece, pulling an area together in a fashionable and functional way. That said, don't assume this couch is just about good looks — the soft cushion seating makes it a pick you'll love lounging on as much as looking at.

7 / 10

Looking for the vibe of your parents’ warm, inviting living room while achieving a budget that’s more you and not them? This Caramel leather sofa serves as the perfect accent to your cozy lounge space and is, thankfully, totally user-friendly. The covers on the seat, back, and bolsters are all removable, and one reviewer said it matches the quality of Crate & Barrel and West Elm without the hefty price tag. A high compliment.

8 / 10

If you’re going more for the vibe of a piece of furniture that looks like it should be surrounded by high-priced works of art (without costing as much as one), the Auburn is probably your player. The sleek, curved edges invite you to melt into it, and one reviewer even attests that it’s as great for snoozing as it is for sitting. But be careful with that last one (at least wash any makeup off your face before you lie down), because, as another reviewer writes, this sofa does not have removable cushion covers for easy washing.

9 / 10
was $4846.00

The Jonathan sofa gives off the same warm, inviting feel as the Madison, except you can invite a lot more people to relax on it. The top-grain leather material comes in Caramel and Warm Taupe to cater to slightly different vibes. Want to level up the lounge-ness? You can eve add an ottoman!

10 / 10

Back to the art-y options. The Marlow sofa is $1,599 and would be the star of any living room. It features 100% polyester, spill-resistant fabric, so Bachelorette and wine night doesn’t have to pose a serious threat to your couch. “One reviewer calls it beautiful yet functional,” and there was never a better endorsement.