5 (Free) Apps that Will Guarantee You’re More Organized Next Tax Season

updated May 3, 2019
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Tax prep can be a major drag. Along with gathering all of your W-2’s and interest statements, you have to organize a mountain of paperwork—think: receipts, expense reports, and so on—to file your taxes properly.

Luckily, there are several smartphone apps designed to streamline the daunting process of preparing your taxes. From receipt organizers to mileage trackers, here are five foolproof (and totally free!) apps that will have you ready for tax season in no time.

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1. Expensify

Designed with optical character recognition (OCR) to automatically fill in fields on an expense report stored on its website, Expensify cuts the time it takes to complete an expense report by over 80%. By integrating a variety of different business and accounting software, the Apple and Android app also offers a mileage tracker—and works offline. Try it out for free and score 10 SmartScans (and unlimited receipt storage) per month.

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2. Foreceipt

Kind of like Expensify but for Apple users only, Foreceipt uses Google Drive to store receipts, calculate expenses, and track your spending. In addition to being super simple to use, the app offers offline access and monthly bill reminders, plus it’s free to download and includes 50 free receipts and 5 free scans a month.

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3. Shoeboxed

Shoeboxed makes organizing your expenses a breeze. Not only does it let you use the camera on your smartphone to snap and catalog photos of receipts, it uses OCR to automatically fill in the fields of an online expense report (stored on its website), and links with your bank account to update your expense record. Try out the DIY version and snap and store up to five documents a month for free. Plus there’s the Magic Envelope; stuff it full of paper clutter (free shipping both ways) and Shoeboxed will turn it into digital data for you.

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4. Expense IQ

Similar to Shoeboxed but better for Android users, Expense IQ lets your track all of your expenses on your phone by taking (or uploading) photos of your receipts. It also creates budget planners, bill reminders, and customizable reports, so you can stay on top of all your finances with just one app — that also happens to be totally free of charge.

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5. Mile IQ

Looking for an easy way to track all your business mileage on your phone? The Mile IQ app synchs with all of your devices (smartphone, tablet, dashboard, and cloud) to automatically track your mileage and create records of your trips. Try the app out for free and log and organize all of your travel mileage from the palm of your hand.