The Best Home Advice We’ve Ever Gotten From Our Dads

updated Jun 14, 2019
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It’s Father’s Day, and we’re here to celebrate dads the best way we know how—by taking their advice. We asked Apartment Therapy staffers for the best home tips they’ve ever gotten from dear old dad (and other father figures in their lives). While they get some flack for being uncool—dad jokes, dad bods—these words of wisdom never go out of style.

Suck it up

“My grandpa taught me that you should vacuum starting in the back corner of a room and work out so that you don’t bring over dirt.” —Liz Steelman

Look for the potential

“My dad bought a condo that needed a lot of work. When we saw it together, I said ‘Dad, this place needs all new flooring, paint, and appliances.’ He said, ‘But it has potential.’ He taught me what potential was. That being said, he’s lived in that condo for 18 years, hasn’t redone the floors, painted or updated the appliances. But he’s happy.” —Carrie Winiker

No need to rush

“Take your time filling your home. I did not listen; I was eager to make my house a home really fast…and made many very expensive mistakes.” —Amy Shoenfeld

Enjoy the quiet

“When it’s quiet around the house, my dad likes to pull up a chair and sit outside (WITHOUT his phone) and appreciate the home and place he’s created. As we know life can get absurdly crazy, but home for him serves as a haven to relax, and if we can, all of us should try to do that in our space more often.” —Nicoletta Richardson

Never miss the chance to get a bargain

“It was endlessly embarrassing as a kid, but my dad would haggle anywhere, with anyone. I mostly keep it to appropriate places like flea markets and yard sales, but I’ve been known to channel my inner Tony when there’s a small stain or pull on a sweater at Nordstrom Rack.” —Tara Bellucci

Don’t wait to fix something

“A lot of times, it can get worse. It’s easy to just like, go into denial that your toilet has been running for a week or that you noticed water accumulating somewhere slowly, but don’t put it off. Investigate the issue, fix it if you can (and you can usually fix a lot more than you realize), and call for help when you can’t. It’ll end up costing less money and stress in the long run if you don’t wait!” —Adrienne Breaux

Evergreen advice

“Happy wife, happy life.” —Vijay Nathan

Maybe it’s time

“You’re an adult. Should you think about getting your own place?”—Aaron Nachmann

What’s the best advice you’ve gotten? Tell us in the comments.