These Are the Best Laundry Tips I’ve Gotten From Professional Cleaners Over the Years

published Nov 15, 2022
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As someone who writes about doing laundry for a living, I have learned a lot over the years. And one thing I’ve discovered is that the pros really do know the best and most effective ways to get your clothes clean

These are some of the things I’ve added to my own laundry routine (and you should too) that I’ve learned from interviewing professional cleaners over the years.

Sort your laundry

Yes, I know, nobody wants to hear that their laundry holds up better when separated by colors, but I promise you that you’ll see better results in the long term by doing this. One of the pro tips I picked up early on is to separate my wash into three categories: lights, darks, and linens. Doing this not only keeps my lights looking brighter and free of lint and fuzzies, but it also cuts down on the number of times I’m pulling lost wet socks out of a twisted mess of sheets.

Use the right laundry detergent

One of the perks of writing so many articles about laundry is that I get to test out a lot of products (including some of the higher-end and boutique choices). As much as I love those brands and the results they get, the best detergent I’ve used by far is Gain. Both when it comes to the consistent results and the value (PS: most store-brand Gain detergents are just as awesome as the original).

Add a booster

I never heard of adding a laundry booster to your laundry until about two years ago. I sampled several different brands and discovered that a sprinkle of Biz Stain and Odor Eliminator makes a huge difference in fighting stains. With three kids, an oversized dog, and a husband at home, we do a lot of washing and deal with a lot of messes so adding this to every load helps tackle everything from chocolate ice cream to grass stains. 

Don’t forget a rinse agent

Between youth sports and everyday messes, our laundry can get pretty stinky by the time wash day rolls around. I’ve tried adding scent boosters and sweet-smelling laundry softeners, but I could always still pick up on the underlying odors. These days, I add a rinse agent to each load (Downy Rinse and Refresh is my absolute favorite; it’s available in cool cotton and fresh lavender). Now all of my laundry comes out of the dryer smelling great and stays that way until one of us spills (or sweats) on it.

Dryer balls are a must

One of my least favorite parts of laundry day (after the actual folding and putting away part) was the number of things I would pull out of my dryer that were still wet. These days I add dryer balls to every load so that none of my heavier items (like jeans and hoodies) end up clumped together in a wet ball. As a bonus, dryer balls cut down on the run time (lowering my electric bill)!