10 Living Room Items from IKEA’s 2021 Catalog That’ll Instantly Liven Up Your Space

published Oct 27, 2020
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Games and snacks set up on black table
Credit: Ikea

In case you missed it, IKEA released its 2021 catalog last week. I couldn’t be more pumped, especially as I continue to spend much of my free time at home tackling organizing projects, DIYs, and redecorating. My living room has become my most frequented spot, and I’m ready for a little update. The first place I’m looking to shop? The IKEA catalog, of course.

Much of what the Swedish retailer is showing for 2021 is super on-trend—think rattan, wicker, and geometric shapes galore. Even better, in true IKEA fashion, items come in at affordable prices, and there are plenty of free styling tricks to steal, too. Looking to update your living room on a song? These 10 products will make your living room feel more livable, especially as you hunker down for winter.

Credit: IKEA

1. AGEN Armchair

Wicker chairs aren’t just for the patio; they look beautiful in living rooms, too. Just prop a pillow up or drape a blanket on this bamboo seat to make it feel extra cozy. Whether your style leans classic, boho, or a bit rustic, this piece is a winner.

Buy: AGEN Armchair, $79.99

Credit: IKEA

2. EKET Wall-Mounted Shelf Unit

No room for a full-blown bookshelf? No problem! Hang one of these wall-mounted shelving units in your living room for your reads without taking up too much precious square footage. You can also stash bins filled with games, craft supplies, and entertaining essentials in the cubby holes, if you prefer storage that’s a bit more hidden. Then make use of the space underneath by setting down a cute basket or even a small shoe rack. Up top, you can style out your plants and a few decorative decor pieces.

Buy: EKET Wall-Mounted Shelf Unit, $65.00

Credit: IKEA

3. GAMLEHULT Ottoman

I’m a big fan of any type of ottoman, but when a design is rattan and comes with built-in storage, I’m even more obsessed. Snag one or two of these affordable, on-trend pieces, which make for excellent footrests or can serve as a small space coffee table, too. They’ll also keep your go-to magazines and newspapers within reach as you kick back.

Buy: GAMLEHULT Ottoman, $69.00

Credit: IKEA

4. REGNSKUR / SUNNEBY Pendant Lamp

A new pendant light can go a long way in transforming a room, and it’s fairly easy to switch out existing light fixtures, even if you’re in a rental. This funky, modern option looks like a new take on a Noguchi-style lantern, and the price couldn’t be better.

Buy: REGNSKUR / SUNNEBY Pendant Lamp, $41.99

Credit: Ikea

5. KYRRE Stool

If you’ve recently had to create a makeshift work or study station in your living room, you might also need some extra seating. These simple yet functional stools are now available in new colors and at a lower price for 2021. Even better, they’re easy to move from room to room as needed. Grab one in each shade available and stack them up when they’re not in use!

Buy: KYRRE Stool, $12.99

Credit: Ikea

6. TERTIAL Work Lamp

A good reading lamp will work wonders in your living space. Ease tired eyes with this useful fixture that can be clipped to the surface of your choosing, so task lighting is always right where you need it.

Buy: TERTIAL Work Lamp, $12.99

Credit: IKEA

7. MOSSLANDA Picture Ledge

If you have a blank stretch of wall in your living room, you can create a small drop zone or a quiet corner for sitting using a storage bench and some hanging wall shelves, as shown above. A simple, white picture ledge is ideal for those who enjoy changing up their decorative displays frequently—it’s easy to move frames around without creating excess nail holes.

Buy: MOSSLANDA Picture Ledge, $14.99

Credit: Ikea

8. HEMNES Desk

Think you don’t have room to squeeze in a desk? You may find yourself reevaluating that statement after seeing this clever, under the staircase setup! IKEA’s petite desks are excellent for those living in small spaces that still want a dedicated work zone. The two-drawer option shown above rings up at under $200!

Buy: HEMNES Desk, $169.00

Credit: IKEA


Glass cloches fancy up cheap candles and can actually make nicer candles last longer, which is a win-win in my book. IKEA is an excellent place to purchase these clear covers without breaking the bank, and they truly can elevate a vignette in seconds, as evidenced by this simple corner in a living room from the catalog.

Buy: MORGONTIDIG Glass Dome, $7.99

Credit: IKEA

10. KARTOTEK Racks

There’s nothing like having a place for everything, and your living room will feel much more organized and streamlined, thanks to these charming hook sets that can be grouped together as needed. They even feature labels that can be customized so that everyone in the family has a designated hook of their own. In an open concept space they’re great for coats, scarves, and totes, but you could also use them for living room throws, too.

Buy: KARTOTEK Racks, $12.99