This $5 IKEA Find Will Make Your Cheap Candles Look Like They Cost $100

published Aug 5, 2020
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Sarah Lyon's apartment with a candle in a cloche

I’ll be the first to admit that my candle collection is a bit out of control. I have a stockpile in my apartment that includes my favorite fall and holiday scents, luxurious Diptyques for special occasions, and plenty of affordable finds purchased on a whim—specifically the $3.99 tins I can’t seem to resist while shopping at Trader Joe’s.

While working or reading at home, I almost always have a candle burning, but when my favorites aren’t lit, I like to display them using glass cloches, or bell jars, which I have scattered around my apartment. Why? Well, this $5 dollar accessory—that you can buy at IKEA!—can make a cheap candle look way more luxe and expensive than it is.

I’m pretty sure that I first discovered the cloche trend on Pinterest back in the day, and I love how sophisticated it looks. A little home just for your favorite candle? How cute! Some styles even come with wooden or metal bases to prop your candle up on, too. In all seriousness though, I find that glass cloches can make a candle look like it’s part of a more cohesive display, particularly if it’s grouped with other items, such as a vase, plant, or even matches and books. The dome adds a little height and some extra sparkle to a vignette.

Credit: Sarah Lyon

In addition to looking chic, cloches have a functional property, too. “Not only do they create a beautiful candle presentation and keep the dust away, they also provide a great way to smell all of the notes in that candle’s fragrance makeup, as opposed to just the top notes,” Charleston-based retailer Candlefish notes on its website. That’s because the glass surface acts somewhat like a physical barrier, accumulating middle and base note molecules that are always part of the “headspace” of a candle but not always easy to smell because the top notes are so volatile and prominent. The company actually advises customers shopping in-store to smell the candle from the cloche, which “captures a more accurate essence of how the candle will smell when it’s burning.”

For what it’s worth, I’ve purchased a range of cloches over the years but have found that more affordable options, such as the one from IKEA above or this Target glass dome, manage to hold up quite well. Size your cloche to your candle—bigger isn’t always better, but you want to make sure there’s some space between the top of the dome and your candle’s vessel so it doesn’t look awkward.

If you’re looking for a new candle, I’ve got you covered there, too. Browse museum-quality candles, candles for pet lovers, romantic candles, and much more here. You can add a cloche to just about any of these styles, too. It really is the little things sometimes that make the biggest difference.