The 10 Best New Kitchen and Bath Products from KBIS 2024

published Mar 6, 2024
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teal sink, gold sink faucet, and dishwasher from the 2024 Kitchen and Bath Show. Seal in upper left reads "Apartment Therapy Best in Show 2024"
Credit: Courtesy of Kohler, Courtesy of Moen, Courtesy of CAFÉ

I love attending a home-focused trade show, whether it’s devoted to kitchen and bath products, finishes like tile or other decorative accents, gifts, avant garde design, or home tech. They’re amazing resources and provide plenty of opportunity for discovery. You can learn about a new talented maker or a company that’s doing something cool in the home space, or just spot an emerging trend in the design world.

I searched high and low for the best kitchen and bath products coming out of the 2024 Kitchen & Bath Show (KBIS) that wrapped last week in Las Vegas. Here’s what earned Apartment Therapy’s “Best In Show” seal — and what you should keep your eye out for coming to market this year (if not available already).

Credit: Courtesy of CAFÉ
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1. CAFÉ CustomFit Stainless Steel Interior Smart Dishwasher with Sanitize and Ultra Wash & Dual Convection Ultra Dry

Available in both stainless steel and matte white finishes, this Energy Star-rated dishwasher has all the bells and whistles you’ve come to expect from the CAFÉ line, including the “Sanitize” and “Ultra Wash” functions that make quick work of dirty dishes, plus convection heating, which can cut down on run time. But the truly game-changing feature is how efficiently you can load this baby, courtesy of its top rack that’s flexible enough to house taller water bottles alongside jars, tumblers, and wine glasses with stems as well as a flatware caddy that’s capable of corralling your blender blades and lids. There’s even a spot for reusable dishwasher-safe straws!

Credit: Courtesy of Moen

2. Moen Smyth Kitchen Faucet Collection 

This elegant faucet caught my eye, thanks to its beautiful curvature and fluted handle that looks like a furniture knob. I geeked out over the story behind its design; the team at Moen actually spent time at the Cleveland Public Library and borrowed the handle’s linear patterning from architectural details found in the historic building. You can get the faucet in a handful of sizes and finishes, but I’m partial to the new Bronzed Gold colorway. It won’t patina like living brass, so the shine you see now is what will remain over time — a mellow, shimmery warm tone that doesn’t look too flashy.

Credit: Courtesy of FGI Industries, Ltd

3. FGI Industries Flush Guard Anti-Overflow Toilets

If you’ve ever dealt with the mess of an overflowing toilet — or the discoloration constant flooding can cause to tiled floors — then this one’s for you. FGI Industries’ Flush Guard Anti-Overflow Toilets, which are set to launch in April, not only boast strong flushing power, but they’re also equipped with three anti-overflow holes in their bowls. If the main drain of the toilet becomes clogged for any reason, those holes enable water to escape through a secondary, self-cleaning drain. That means no more toilet flooding! Best of all, both drains are connected to a standard waste pipe, so these toilets are an easy retrofit, if you aren’t working with new construction.

Credit: Courtesy of Jack Dempsey Photography

4. LG STUDIO Essence White Series 

LG STUDIO’s Essence White Series marries form and function — you get best-in-class, connected kitchen and laundry capabilities across an entire suite of appliances, all in an ultra-stylish, soft matte white finish. New for this year? Changeable knobs and handles that will allow you to update your machines’ color story on a whim. Think of these potential new pops of color like the “jewelry” of your kitchen or laundry area.  

Credit: Courtesy of Kohler

5. Kohler’s New Curated Colors from the Heritage Colors Collection

Green hues dominated the show floor in Vegas, but no one nailed this plucked-from-nature color story quite like Kohler, which reached into its archive to add three beautiful, bold colorways into its Heritage Colors collection: Fresh Green (first introduced in 1971), Aspen Green (first introduced in 1978), and Teal (first introduced in 1987). These shades will be available across a variety of Kohler products, from apron-front kitchen sinks and bath undermounts to toilets and clawfoot tubs.

Credit: Danielle Blundell

6. Fotile 2-in-1 Built-in Top Load Single Unit Dishwasher

If you live in an apartment, tiny house, or an RV, you’re going to fall in love with this small-but-mighty dishwasher from Fotile. Yes, you need a plumbing hook-up for it to work, and this unit has to be installed in your countertop, too. But think of all the time you’ll save once you’ve upgraded and no longer have to stand on your feet scrubbing dishes and glasses for hours. Have a little more space to spare? Fotile also sells a sink that comes with one of these built into it, and the brand has plans to release a 3-in-1 model that marries a sink, this top-load single dishwasher, and a separate produce rinser later this year as well.

Credit: Courtesy of Midea

7. Midea 2.7-Cubic-Foot Washer-Dryer Combo

Washer-dryer combos aren’t new, but the technology behind them has gotten much more efficient and reliable. Throw your clothes into the washer, and then use the same machine in dryer mode — all without having to move your pieces from it. The ventless technology means you can install a unit really anywhere there’s a water connection, and Midea’s model earns high marks for its especially small-space-friendly footprint that could easily fit into a small closet or corner. The brand hopes to release this machine in the U.S. market later this year. 

Credit: Courtesy of Miele

8. Miele Duoflex HX1 Vacuum

Miele is well-known for its high-performance and durable canister vacuums, but the German company has started expanding into the stick category. And as you might expect, their technology there is top-notch. If you’ve trying to cut the cord for convenience but don’t want to compromise on performance — and want to invest in something that’ll last — consider the Duoflex HX1. It’s the perfect model for quick kitchen and living room cleanups, can go from stick to handheld vac in a flash, and works on a variety of floor types and surfaces for up to 55 minutes at its lowest power setting. 

Credit: Courtesy of Delta Faucet

9. Delta Faucet Versacurl Detangling Hand Shower

As bathrooms become more like at-home spas, the industry is starting to see increased innovation with tubs and showers as well as shower heads and wands alike. Delta Faucet’s prototype, the Versa Curl Detangling Hand Shower, drew quite the crowd at the show. Featuring a brush-like, spindly head, this hand shower aims to keep curly and wavy hair looking its best by using water pressure to its full detangling advantage. The company is working on this technology and hopes to have it available later this year or early next. 

Credit: Courtesy of LG

10. LG InstaView French Door Refrigerator with Color-Changing LED Light

Just when you thought LG’s French Door-style fridges couldn’t get any better, the company went ahead and added color-changing functionality to the LED light on its InstaView model. Is it kitschy? Yes, but changing lights sure are fun, too — especially if you have little kids or you’re entertaining a crowd. And wasn’t it Pinterest that said kitsch-ens were in for 2024? This appliance can be all business, too, if that’s more your speed.