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Ready to Get More Organized? These Game-Changing Products Will Help You Conquer Every Type of Clutter

published Sep 12, 2022
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Credit: H&M, Marie Kondo, Knoll

Summer’s quickly coming to a close, and as fall approaches, here at Apartment Therapy there’s just one thing on our minds — getting organized with the Decluttering Cure. While our annual 14-day (free!) guided program is the perfect way to ease into a more orderly existence and prepare your home to host this holiday season, there are other ways to get inspired to tidy up. For example, shopping with intention when it comes to household products that will truly help make your day-to-day life a little easier by helping you solve your clutter issues.

Honestly, some of my proudest decluttering moments — like finally reclaiming my limited kitchen counter space or organizing the cleaning products under the sink so they don’t come toppling down on me when I open the cabinets — began with spotting a product that appeared to offer an instant solve for a common trouble area in my home. Staying organized has always been a challenge for me and clutter easily mounts around my busy home. Once it does, it starts to become so overwhelming that sometimes it just feels easier to put off getting around to dealing with it.

If you’re anything like me, you probably just need a little inspiration on where to begin. Because combing through the thousands of products that pop up when you search for decluttering solutions online can also be overwhelming, I’ve rounded up some of the best (and AT editor approved) organizational finds around, for every budget, to help you get going. There are solutions for everything from cord clutter to paper and kitchen drawer clutter below. Remember, decluttering happens one step at a time.

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This expandable drawer organizer lets you practically double the space in your most challenging drawers.

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This simple spice organization solution will help you get your spice drawer together and make more room on your kitchen counters too.

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The Container Store

This organizer is a simple solution to keeping counter or desk paper clutter in check in style.

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Yamazaki Home

This is your instant answer to that pesky cord clutter you've been staring at for weeks. You're welcome!

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From our partner
The Container Store

This large file storage box will instantly put an end to your paper clutter problems, promise.

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This expandable drawer organizer is as a flexible as it is stylish. You can't lose!

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was $39.99

A dual purpose spice rack organizer that makes storage space where you didn't even realize you had it. That's called winning!

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Bed Bath & Beyond

Create space out of thin air on your bulky closet shelves with this easy to use organizing tool that never disappoints. Your sweaters will thank you.

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Stackable storage for your fridge instantly helps you declutter and organize. These tried and true bins come in a set of six.

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was $17.99

This hanging closet organizer is an AT reader favorite because of its versatility and ease of use.

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Yamazaki Home

Out of space to stack and store stuff around your washer and dryer? No problem. This magnetic organizer will help you create new ways to keep the items you need handy.

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Now that you found a new home for all of your household clutter, how will you remember where it all lives? Labels are an easy solution and this label maker is a reader favorite.

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Use this hard-working turntable (see what we did there?) to store and easily access food storage containers in the pantry or cleaning supplies beneath your sink. Talk about instant gratitude!

Bins, Baskets and Containers

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Open Spaces

This set of storage bins wih lids provide a simple solution to almost every closet dilemma, incuding tight shelves.

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We adore these stylish and afforable large storage baskets from H&M that make great storage alternatives for living rooms where you won't have to compromise on your design aesthetic.

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Constructed from felt made with partially recycled plastic fibers, the Restore Basket is a playful and functional storage unit alternative that comes in almost every color you're thinking of for your next decluttering project.

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There are a million ways to make this stylish, black basket blend into your space and help you store all of those loose items you've never found a home for before. Until now, of course.

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West Elm
was $160.00

An oversized storage basket with handles? Sign us up for storing throw pillows, blankets and loose living room items, please!

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Design Within Reach

You know those small random desk items you never have a home for, like extra paper clips, pens and sticky note pads? Well, they all fit nicely into these handy, colorful boxes that are stackble and are easy to style on your desktop or inside a bookcase.