9 Pet Hair Brushes That’ll Leave Your Furry Friend Looking Their Best

published Jan 9, 2024
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Longhaired cat enjoying while being brushed and combed.
Credit: Creative Cat Studio

Whether you’re a dedicated dog-lover or prefer your frisky felines, every pet owner knows that when it comes to caring for your furry friend, a pet brush just may be the most important tool you have in your pet arsenal. Keeping your pet regularly groomed will not only help them look their best, but it also helps prevent things like excessive shedding, insects making a home in your pet’s coat, and painful matting that can lead to an unfortunate haircut and a costly trip to the groomer. So, where is a loving pet parent to start their hunt for the perfect pet brush? Fear not — we already did the hard work for you. Below, we rounded up nine of our favorite pet brushes, including editor-favorite picks for short-hair pets, long-hair pets, bath time, and even post-grooming cleanup. Happy shopping!  

Do you have a pet hair brush that you swear by that we missed? We want to hear all about it. Tell us about your favorite finds in the comments below!

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Tangles, be gone! This team favorite self-cleaning pet brush gently removes the toughest mats from your pet’s fur while increasing blood circulation, so grooming time is both effective and enjoyable. Once you’re done using it, simply press the button at the back and watch the bristles retract as unwanted fur and dirt fall straight into the trash.

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Having a hard time deciding between a bristle or a pin brush? With this smart pick from Hartz, you can get the best of both worlds. Featuring a dual-sided design, you can easily detangle, de-shed, and smooth your pets coat with one tool.

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When it came to brushing my smooth-haired Jack Russel Terrier when I was growing up, there’s only one brush we would use: the Le Salon Rubber Curry brush. Curry brushes are made of rubber and thus attract hair like a magnet — a must when caring for pets with dense coats that are prone to shedding. Best of all, this brush features a strap that wraps around your hand, making the experience comfortable for both you and your pet.

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The easiest way to diminish your dog’s shedding is by maintaining a regular grooming routine. This deshedding brush is designed especially for dogs with short hair and will help you groom your pup with ease. The stainless-steel edge reaches through their fur, gently removing any loose hair and leaving your dog’s coat shining.

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For dogs with especially dense and long coats, the Maxpower Planet grooming brush is sure to become your saving grace. Its double-sided design features nine teeth on one side to tackle tangles and 17 (!) on the other that expertly de-matts and de-sheds your pet's coat in just a few swipes.

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Looking for a great pick come bath time? Give this Furbliss brush a go! Made from 100% medical-grade silicone, it safely and effectively attracts and traps loose fur while providing a gentle massage your pet is sure to love. Best of all, it’s washing-machine safe, so you can easily sterilize it between grooming sessions.

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If there’s one pet brush you’ve seen all over your TikTok, it’s this one. Beloved by cat owners, thanks to its compact, feline-friendly design, this brush can also be used on dogs with no problem. With a self-cleaning design, it’s easy to see why pet parents are showing love for it all over your FYP.

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Who doesn’t love giving their furry friends all the pets? With the DELOMO pet grooming gloves, you can give your pet some lovin’ while also giving their coat a good once-over. Best of all, when you’re ready to clean these gloves, all you have to do is peel off the fur and watch it come off in one fell swoop.

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The perfect companion to a pet hair brush? A pet hair remover. To help take care of any of those stray hairs, pick up the Chom Chom Roller. An editor favorite, simply roll it back and forth across your sofa, bed, or any other area where furry friends love to lounge (or have recently been brushed) and hair be gone!