The Best Soda Makers

The Best Soda Makers

Nicole Lund
Nov 2, 2017
(Image credit: Aarke)

After testing the top three soda makers, we've chosen The Drinkmate as our all around winner because it can make soda out of ANYTHING. Soda makers, otherwise known as carbonators, may be the kitchen appliance you probably don't realize you need. Bubbly drinks like seltzer and Prosecco are typically associated with special occasions, but the rise in popularity of flavored drinks like La Croix are making carbonated beverages more accessible, not to mention more fun.

Getting that bubbly taste at home hasn't always been easy. While soda makers have been around for awhile, the original versions were clunky and not always reliable. Today's carbonators are sleeker, more powerful, and more functional — perfect for your kitchen. Here's our roundup of the best soda makers on the market, so you can stop lugging bottles of carbonated drinks from the store and start making your own custom drinks right at home.

Every week we bring new products into our "test lab" and have the whole office vote on their favorites, based on quality, appearance, and price. The winners become the Top Picks of our Annual Guides, which showcase the best products of the year.

Maxwell Ryan, our Founder & CEO, chooses his own Top Pick as well, and demonstrates his favorites in our Annual Guide videos and weekly Instagram story series. Come back every Thursday for a new Annual Guide and Maxwell's Top Pick Instagram story!

Best Soda Makers 2017:
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Maxwell's Picks

(Image credit: Maxwell Ryan)


I've been a soda maker buff since 2009. You can see my first review right here of the Sodastream Penguino, which is a great cure for hangovers (drink a carafe before going to bed — it helps). Since then the soda maker field has come a long way and there's a lot of competition to get onto your kitchen counter. This is a good thing.

1. My top overall pick, after a week of office testing and feedback, is the DrinkMate, which leads on two fronts:

  • best overall bubble rating
  • super competitive price

and then kills it by being able to do what no one else does yet — allowing you to carbonate ANYTHING, including fruit juices, liquor or even milk. Most soda makers will warn you away from carbonating anything other than water. Water is more stable, and other liquids tend to erupt when carbonated if not done carefully. The DrinkMate has a special cap which allows you to carbonate anything and then slowly release the pressure in a way that there are no eruptions. This is awesome because it totally expands the world of carbonated beverages you can enjoy, cutting deeply into areas like natural fruit beverages and traditional sodas.

>>$110 from Amazon

(Image credit: Maxwell Ryan)

Aarke Sparkling Water Maker

My second pick is what I would call my Luxury Pick or my Style Pick. The Aarke Sparkling Water Maker is double the price of the Drinkmate, but is by far the best-looking, and most compact and is most likely to last the longest on your counter. Made entirely of stainless steel with a very pleasing push-down lever for carbonating, the Aarke is for you if you simply want to drink a lot more, stay hydrated and get your guests chatting.

>>$199 from Amazon


Innovee Soda Siphon

A modern take on an old school design, the Innovee Soda Siphon is perfect for making cocktails at small gatherings. This one requires the water used to be ice cold in order for carbonation to happen, but its compact design makes it easy to fit in your fridge and keep chilled. The Soda Siphon also takes a bit longer to carbonate, but its small size and functionality make it totally worth it. Plus, it's completely dishwasher-safe, a rarity for soda makers.

>> $45 from Amazon

Soda Plus Soda Carbonator

Another handheld option, the Soda Plus Soda Carbonator stands out for its ability to carbonate any liquid - not just water. The options are endless with this product - use it at home to easily make cocktails for guests, or bring it with you to tailgates and picnics. It runs on chargers, saving you the hassle of recycling CO2 canisters, and includes a pressure release button that prevents spraying. The container is even dishwasher-safe, making it one of the most convenient options on the market.

>> $45.99 from Amazon



If you want to bring your carbonation abilities with you on the go, the SodaSparkle may be your new best friend. Handheld and easy to store, the SodaSparkle lets you carbonate water at the beach, on a picnic, at work - really anywhere you'd like to stay hydrated. You can choose between the Original or the Eco, a more streamlined version that makes it easier to insert and remove the chargers. Both options provide quality handheld carbonation at a good price.

>> $55 from Amazon

SodaStream Source

SodaStream is the undisputed king of soda makers, with a handful of quality machines and accessories that take carbonation to a whole new level. It was hard to choose a favorite, but the Source is the best option if you're looking for something powerful, compact, and relatively inexpensive. Even though it only carbonates water, you can purchase any of SodaStream's drink mixes, from flavor drops like mango and raspberry to zero calorie mixers in flavors like pink grapefruit and strawberry watermelon. You can even buy yourself cola mixes for a much healthier alternative to traditional soda.

>> $99 from Amazon


KitchenAid Sparkling Beverage Maker

With its classic KitchenAid design, this carbonator is basically an upscale SodaStream. It's compatible with all SodaStream products, from CO2 canisters to flavor mixes, and comes in the kind of stylish colors we've come to expect from KitchenAid. With its sleek die cast metal construction and fancy CO2 gauge to measure carbonation, the Sparkling Beverage Maker is ideal for someone who wants to make an investment in a top-of-the-line kitchen product.

>> $199 from Amazon

Why Soda Makers Are Worth the Price

  • They're better for the environment. Buying all those aluminum cans and plastic bottles creates an obvious negative impact on the environment, even if you recycle them. Using your own soda maker means using reusable containers and tap water, producing much less waste than you would otherwise.
  • They're cost-effective. If you're the type of person who can't go a day without LaCroix, then you'll probably end up saving money by investing in a soda maker. According to Wirecutter, "carbonating water from a soda maker costs less per liter than buying leading seltzer brands at the store," meaning that you'll save more over time.
  • They'll help you stay hydrated. Drinking water throughout the day can feel like a chore, yet hydration is one of the key parts of good health. Having the option to carbonate your water and add flavor mixes makes staying hydrated a lot more fun and exciting, not to mention more personalized.

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