12 Best Sofas Under $300, According to Shoppers

updated Feb 20, 2024
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We love the surprise and delight of discovering an incredibly stylish or versatile sofa. Like an L-shaped sectional that converts into a regular three-seater with an ottoman, or a legitimate Chesterfield in real and faux-leather options. But our favorite sofa finds are the ones that look and feel amazing without costing an arm and a leg (or rather two arms and four legs).

Bragging about how much you got something on sale for is a nice bonus to any great deal, especially for home furniture. A high-quality sofa can easily run hundreds or thousands of dollars, but that doesn’t mean you should feel stuck paying those prices. Well-made, durable, and affordable sofas are within reach — if you know where to look. For proof, check out our favorite under-$300 sofas, which we found at Bed Bath & Beyond, Wayfair, and a few other retailers that might surprise you. All of these come in multiple colors and fabric styles and have exceptionally positive reviews, so you know the pretty product photos you see online will be the real deal when you add one of these to your home.

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Gorgeous square arms paired with an affordable price under $300? Absolutely! This mid-century piece unquestionably earns its place on our list. Though it leans towards the smaller side, it could be a delightful bedroom or home office addition. Not to mention, it's over 50% off, with an original value of $499.50.

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was $349.99

Tiny sofas often have the strongest personalities, and that's certainly the case with this elegant twist on a mid-modern settee. Reviewers confirmed it's easy to assemble and lightweight enough to move around if you need to reposition it. Many found it to be an ideal accessory sofa for offices and bedrooms.

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was $319.99

With its narrow width (55 inches) and amazingly low weight (45 pounds), this tufted bench sofa is an ideal accent piece for a bedroom, home office, or hallway. Take your pick of five eye-catching colors — we're partial to the emerald green — and style it with your favorite throw blankets and pillows. One reviewer wrote that they used it to seat guests at their dinner table and found it to be comfortable and easy to clean.

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was $209.99

A sectional sofa for under $300 is a rare bird; but a good sectional for under $300 is practically extinct. This model is even more impressive because it lets you adjust the layout after assembling it. You can install the accompanying ottoman as a seat cushion and rotate the double-length cushion to serve as a lounge (on either ends or in the middle). One reviewer recommended it "for those on a tighter budget" and another wrote: "I am a poor college student so I never thought I would be able to afford a decent looking couch." We're glad this one works as well as Amazon says it does!

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was $364.99

Reviewers love the fun color options, particularly the muted blue, which brings a sense of tranquility and lightness to your space. The slightly thicker wooden legs are a sturdy update to that telltale mid-century modern design choice, and because the fabric has a waffle stitch pattern, it won't show wear and tear so easily.

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Sofas made by name-brand designers, such as the Novogratz, typically go for much more than $300 — and this convertible sleeper sofa has been priced well above that in the past. But right now, you can pick it up in a lovely navy hue for less. Plus, the seatbacks recline independently, so you can adjust the setup to fit your napping and lounging needs exactly.

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was $395.89

We're honestly impressed by how many features this sofa fits into one compact design. It's got a fold-down armrest in the middle with two cup holders and room to hold a small snack tray, extra-thick seat cushions for comfy lounging, and the entire thing folds flat into a bed (with movable armrests that act as pillows in a pinch). One reviewer in her 60s wrote that she had no problem assembling it by herself and has been completely happy with it.

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was $306.99

One of the smartest ways to maximize your own style on your sofa is by choosing one that doesn't have removable back cushions — so you can pick out ones that better match your taste and blend with your home's decor. This narrow settee fits into even the tiniest living spaces and because it only weighs 40 pounds, it's a lot easier to deal with the next time you move.

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was $879.99

Velvet adds chicness and luxury to anything it covers, especially sofas. With wooden legs and a comfy fabric — available in ten different colors — this high-end looking sofa is also a dreamy spot to watch some TV or take a nap. Not to mention, it's a whopping 68% off.

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was $290.82

This classic tufted sofa is the right width (75 inches) to easily fit in small and medium sized living rooms and has slightly deep seat cushions (31 inches) so you can fully relax. Many shoppers appreciated how relatively light the shipment was when it arrived — a little over 100 pounds — and how easy it is to assemble, provided you have someone helping you.

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This sleek and modern futon is a great addition to your living area (and is perfect for small spaces!). With its clean silhouette and adjustable split-back design, it adds a contemporary flair to your home. It has a solid wood bed frame supported by six metal legs, so your guests can rest assured that it's sturdy. One reviewer states, "The plush cushions make it a joy to sit or sleep on."

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was $202.00

This adaptable convertible sofa is the perfect solution for any compact space, be it a small living room, bedroom, or studio apartment. It easily folds flat to transform into a bed or a cozy lounge zone, and it comes in various fabric colors to suit your preferences. Reviewers love how easy it is to assemble and how comfortable it is to sit on.