The Best Space Heaters for Every Type of Home (and Budget)

updated Sep 12, 2023
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It may not be cold cold yet, but fall is indeed coming, and it’s bringing those chilly, crisp evenings with it. Now’s the time to get ready for the freezing nights, before they’re actually here and everyone’s on the hunt for a heater. You might be stocked up on weighted blankets, plush comforters, and fuzzy socks, but even all those layers are no match for a drafty bedroom. No matter your budget, there are dozens (upon dozens) of quality space heaters out there that will safely keep your room warm and save you a bit on your heating bill. We rounded up our favorites at all price points, from $25 to $600, to help you get your home warm and winter-ready. Not only that, but most of them are small and compact, so they won’t take up too much space if you live in a tiny apartment. Read on to see our top tips and finds!

But first, here are some things to know before you pick up a space heater:

Space Heater Safety Tips

  • First step: Make sure your space heater’s label shows that it is listed by a recognized testing laboratory.
  • Inspect heaters for cracked or broken plugs or loose connections before each use. If frayed, worn, or damaged, do not use!
  • Never leave a space heater unattended. Turn it off when you’re leaving a room or going to sleep, and don’t let pets or children play too close.
  • Proper placement of space heaters is critical. Heaters should be kept at least three feet away from anything that can burn, including papers, clothing, and rugs.
  • Plug space heaters directly into a wall outlet. Do not use an extension cord or power strip, which could overheat and result in a fire. Also — don’t plug any other electrical devices into the same outlet as the heater.

Do you have a space heater you swear by? We want to hear all about it. Tell us about your favorite finds in the comments below!

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If you like the idea of a teeny-tiny heater, the Lasko Ceramic Space Heater is a great compact option. It’s 9" tall and 6.2" wide, so it has a small footprint and great transportability. The 1,500-watt heating element has 11 temperature settings, plus low and high heat settings, so if you like options, this heater has plenty — plus the standard safety features like overheat shutoff and a tip-over switch. And the exterior is a simple, shiny gray that’s not half-bad to look at.

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Another compact beauty, the Honeywell HCE200W UberHeat Ceramic Heater can put out a whole lot of warmth. It measures a mere 8 inches tall and 6.8 inches wide, but it includes a powerful 1,500 watts and adjustable thermostat that lets you crank the heat on cold days. Thanks to the small size and simple, sleek black-and-white design, you can easily move it almost anywhere you want — even stick it on your work desk for some targeted warmth while you type away. An automatic overheat shutoff and tip-over switch gives you peace of mind whether you’re using this during the day or at night.

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This find is easily the priciest product on our list, but with the Dyson Pure Hot+Cool HP01, you're getting a lot for your money. That's because this isn't just a heater, but also a cooling fan and air purifier that removes nearly 100 percent of the air pollutants in your space. Additionally, the HP01 model's bladeless design is super quiet, and its stream of hot or cold air is strong enough to reach across the room.

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Lasko is at it again with the super compact space heaters. This one is just 6" tall and has a lower wattage than standard sizes, but that only makes it perfect for placing on your nightstand or at your feet while sitting at a desk. Heck, even take it to work if your office likes to blast the AC at full power. The heater arrives fully assembled and is so easy to transport, providing you with additional warmth in areas that lack it. And at just over $30, it's a steal.

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This heater from De'Longhi’s got the same features as the others — 1,500 watt heating power and an adjustable thermostat, plus all the typical safety features. What sets this one apart is its stylish design. The compact "capsule" look is incredibly sleek and simple, a rare find in space heaters. It comes in a sleek black with a brown ergonomic carrying handle for easy transport, and the temperature knobs are tucked away on either side of the handle to maintain a minimal look you won’t mind displaying out in the open.

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If safety is a big concern for you when it comes to space heaters, this still-affordable option makes it a top priority. It doesn’t stop at tip-over and overheating protection; it also automatically shuts off after 24 hours of use and features a 12-hour time for safe overnight or daytime use. Add to that the V-O flame retardance and remote control operation, plus wide-angle oscillation and an eco-mode, and this slender, simple heater makes it easy to be warm and safe all night long.

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With over 12,000 five-star ratings, the Dreo Small Space Heater is an Amazon favorite, and for good reason. Its compact design makes it a small-space-friendly pick. But don't let its small size fool you — it packs a punch with a 1500W working power that can cover up to 200 square feet. Combine that with safety features like tip-over and overheat protection as well as an enhanced safety plug and its easy to see why its a bestseller.

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Okay, so this space heater is technically for the outdoors, but it's such a great find we couldn't help but show it off. If you're looking for a way to extend your time outdoors, the Cuisinart Portable Tabletop Patio Heater can help with that. This chic little find conveniently sits atop your table, providing warmth while you dine with friends and family and keeping you all cozy as the night settles in. It's also great for camping and tailgating!

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If you're someone who works in their garage well into the winter months, you need a way to keep warm. Enter the Mr. Heater Big Buddy Heater. This gas-powered heater features a heat range of 450 square feet guaranteed to keep the whole space nice and toasty and, yes, it's safe for indoor use.

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Home Depot

With a traditional radiator shape and oil-equipped design, the Pelonis Radiant Portable Space Heater is one that meshes old-fashioned styling with 21st-century features. Coming with three heater settings, electronic controls, a digital thermostat, and a 24-hour timer, this pick is great for medium to large spaces. The real kicker? The oil in this machine never needs refilling or replacement and it comes propped on easy-glide caster wheels, making this an especially portable (and convenient) space heater.

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Pottery Barn

Prefer your home items with a bit of vintage flair? Check out the Vornado Vheat. Vornado is home to some of the most stylish cooling and heating solutions around, so it's no surprise to see that their space heater is a particularly eye-catching find. Available in white and green, it comes with two heat settings, whole room vortex heat circulation, and an automatic off system for a pick that's uber-safe, too.

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A no-frills option, this heater is a great supplemental heating source during the winter months. It offers two heat settings (900 watts and 1,500 watts), an adjustable thermostat so you can find the optimal temperature for your space, and a fan option for hot sleepers. It's also super lightweight, so you can easily move it around as needed — the oversized handle makes carrying it even easier.

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The first thing you'll likely notice about this genius heater is that it plugs directly into outlets without a cord, a feature that makes this tiny but mighty device so easy to take along on trips. Another cool element, though, is that you can manually set it to the temperature you desire down to the exact degree. The heater also shuts off by itself if it happens to overheat, preventing unwanted accidents. Best of all, at just $23, it’s the cheapest option on this list.

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Home Depot

Get the benefits of a larger heater without the huge footprint with this console heater by Lasko. The space-saving design features a thin base that can easily stand out of the way against the wall while the tall, angled top efficiently heats the room. It’s a cyclonic heater, meaning it takes in cool air at the bottom, cycles it up, and releases it as warm air at the top. That efficient circular heating pattern means your room is evenly heated at all times, and a digital display and remote control ensure you can easily keep your room at a comfortable temperature.

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Love the allure of a warm fireplace but lack the setup? You can get the best of both worlds with this pick from Comfort Glow. Designed to look like a vintage fireplace, this working heater lets you get the warmth and ambiance you crave (it covers over 1,000 square feet!)