This Fan and Space Heater Combo Is Keeping Me Comfortable Between Seasons — and It Saves Me Money, Too!

published Mar 30, 2022
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Credit: Raymond Forbes LLC/Stocksy

Here in Louisiana, we’ve been experiencing yo-yo-ing temperatures lately. One day it’s hot and humid, and the next I need to throw on a jacket and scarf. Indoors, it’s just as confusing! My A/C could be set to what’s usually a comfortable temperature, but then it winds up being too chilly. If I follow the temptation to turn on the heat, that might feel too stuffy. To avoid the headache of the air conditioner altogether, I’ve been looking for fans and space heaters to use instead. I’m a big fan of Lasko products (shout out to their USB-powered desk fan and the convenient mini portable space heater), so I turned to this trusted brand to help me tackle this transitional weather. The results are in: Lasko’s Oscillating Hybrid Fan and Space Heater has been a life (and money!) saver.

The Lasko Oscillating Fan and Space Heater is a tower fan split into two sides: one for cooling and one for heating. It has a control panel per side, and the entire machine can swivel from left to right, sweeping air across your space. I love that the oscillation feature is conveniently optional; since I’m usually sitting in one place for an extended period of time, it works out better to have the fan blowing straight towards me. If I have a friend over or need to warm up (or cool down) an entire area, it takes two seconds to switch it back to the oscillate setting.

The Hybrid Fan and Space Heater has a four-speed fan that changes the intensity of the airflow. It gets louder the harder that it blows, but since I usually keep it on Level 2, it’s just faint background noise. When using it as a space heater, I can set it to a specific temperature using the adjustable thermostat on the control panel, and it maintains a consistent level of warmth in the space. There’s also a timer on each side that lasts up to eight hours and can be set in 30-minute increments.

What I love most about the Lasko Hybrid Fan and Space Heater is that it acts as a supplement to my A/C. Rather than adjusting my indoor temperature and running up my electric bill, I can turn on the fan or space heater to get comfortable. It’s already saved me money: My last power bill decreased by $40! I no longer waste time getting up and fiddling with the thermostat — in fact, my Lasko comes with a remote control, so I don’t technically have to get up at all. The tower stands a little over 3′ tall, but it’s super narrow and sleek and doesn’t feel at all obtrusive in my room.

And as the weather continues to warm up, summertime in Louisiana (when my electric bill is at its highest) is going to be the ultimate test. But if the Oscillating All-Season Fan and Space Heater lives up to the high bar set by my other Lasko products, I’ll definitely be enjoying some more extra cash in my pocket very soon. Ka-ching!