Your Ideal Summer Vacation Vibe, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

published Jun 1, 2023
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Whether you’re embarking on a road trip or taking to the skies, we have ideas for making your vacation as stress-free as possible. This content is presented in partnership with Hampton by Hilton; it was created independently by our editorial team.

The summer solstice on June 21 marks the official beginning of the season — and it may spark your wanderlust, too. With seemingly endless daylight and increasingly beautiful weather in your future, the urge to take a break from your everyday life is real. Summer travel options run the gamut from beach getaways to road trips to European excursions, but the question remains: What’s your ideal summer vibe? If you’re unsure how best to use your hard-earned PTO, consider looking to your zodiac sign for guidance on your best summer vacation spot.

The alignment of the planets at the moment of your birth reflects every aspect of your life and personality — including your preferred type of trip. That means simply examining the qualities of your can offer helpful insight as you plan a summer vacation, so read on to learn more about the best kind of summer trip for your zodiac sign. 

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Aries: An Athletic Adventure

Aries are ruled by energetic Mars, the planet of ambition and physical exertion. Your sign sometimes struggles to sit idly, which is why your ideal summer vacation involves getting physical. Carving out time for dynamic activities — rock climbing, kayaking, or scuba diving — will keep you present and entertained.

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Taurus: One with Nature

As a tactile Earth sign governed by pleasure-seeking Venus, Taureans gravitate toward the beauty and bounty of nature. Stay grounded by going on a camping trip or traveling somewhere lush, like California’s sprawling Yosemite National Park or Vietnam’s picturesque Hạ Long Bay. If you can explore the area on foot, even better. I’d remind you to stop and smell the roses, but with your sign’s slow-moving, sensual nature, that’s a given.

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Gemini: A Metropolitan Romp

Mercury, the planet of learning and communication, rules Geminis, hence The Twins’ famous curiosity. You’re also a social, intelligent Air sign. For you, an energetic scene is the ultimate summer vacation. You’ll thoroughly enjoy striking up conversations with strangers while exploring bustling cities like New York or Paris.

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Cancer: Close to Home

Cancers answer to the Moon, which represents your emotions and how you nurture yourself. That’s why you instinctively seek comfort and nostalgia. You’ll get the most out of a low-key trip that feels like home away from home, whether that’s a cozy cabin getaway with friends or a solo staycation. As a Cancer rising, I personally recommend a serene small-town setting, such as Hudson, New York, or Stowe, Vermont.

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Leo: Beach Bound

In the Northern Hemisphere, Leo season (July 23–Aug. 22) corresponds with the dog days of summer. Your sign is also ruled by the Sun, which explains your characteristic warmth and charisma. For you, a sun-drenched beach vacation is the ideal getaway. Whether you look out at the Pacific Ocean or the lake at a friend’s cabin, soak up those rays with confidence like the lounge-loving Lion you are.

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Virgo: Road Warrior

Virgos also answer to brainy Mercury, but as an Earth sign, you value practicality and preparedness. Embarking on a road trip will put you in the literal and figurative driver’s seat, allowing you to fully relax during your vacation. Plus, you’ll be able to completely customize your itinerary — a dream scenario for your detail-oriented sign.

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Libra: Intellectual Pursuits

Like Taureans, Libras are ruled by beauty-loving Venus, but your Air sign nature makes you more cerebral. Honor these qualities by planning a vacation around the artistic or intellectual. Whether you visit a city packed with art museums or see a thought-provoking play abroad, you’ll have the most fun when you feel mentally and creatively stimulated.

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Scorpio: A Getaway with Friends

Although Mars-ruled Scorpios may seem enigmatic, your sign always opens up in the presence of trusted friends. For you, traveling with your besties is the way to go. The setting doesn’t matter to you as much as the company, but somewhere near water — perhaps a lake house or beach bungalow — would be an apt nod to your sensitive Water sign nature. Regardless, you’ll love uninterrupted quality time with your closest confidants.

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Sagittarius: Cultural Immersion

Expansive Jupiter, the planet most closely associated with travel, rules Sagitarrians, hence the Archer’s reputation as the globetrotter of the zodiac. As a passionate Fire sign, you tend to go all in. If you can swing it, take off to somewhere totally foreign to you and experience everything that destination has to offer, from local delicacies to live theater.

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Capricorn: A Look Back

Capricorns answer to pragmatic Saturn, which governs tradition and longevity, so you innately appreciate artifacts that have withstood the test of time. For your summer vacation vibe, some hands-on history lessons are a must. You’ll thrive in older cities like Jamestown, Virginia, or Rome, Italy, which have ample museums, cultural landmarks, or historical sites to explore.

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Aquarius: Off-Season Expedition

Aquarians share Saturn rulership with Capricorns, but your sign prefers to defy conventional wisdom instead of embracing it. Consider embarking on an unexpected or off-season trip — for instance, visiting Australia during winter in the Southern Hemisphere. You’ll encounter fewer tourists, be able to see more of your destination, and maybe even snag a deal on flights.

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Pisces: Spiritual Sojourn

Pisces also possess that Jupiterian longing for immersive experiences, but as an intuitive Water sign, you lean more on the spiritual side. For you, a vacation that nourishes your mind, body, and soul is ideal. This can be as elaborate a week-long meditation retreat or as simple as a weekend trip to a spot with profound personal significance.