11 Slim Under-Bed Storage Solutions That Are Way More Stylish Than Plastic Bins

updated Apr 10, 2024
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Your home is filled with underutilized storage spaces — you just have to know where to look to find them. In your kitchen, the perfect spot for pot lids is hiding on the inside of your cabinet doors. In your bathroom, every tiled wall is a self-adhesive shelf waiting to happen. And in your bedroom, the space under your bed is ready to hold clothes, bedding, blankets, shoes, and everything else you can’t squeeze into your closet or dresser.

The Best Under-Bed Storage Bins

The problem with under-bed storage options is that they usually look pretty boring. Plastic bins with wheels do the job, but they add nothing to your bedroom’s decor. Thankfully, there are plenty of actually stylish options that work just as well, and many that are around the same price point. These organizers don’t look like giant Tupperware containers, and all fit under standard-size bed frames. Check out our top picks for unlocking and upgrading the storage space beneath your bed.

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Five Below

If you want to protect your clothes and accessories from dust, you'll want to opt for bins with lids. This $5 find is perfect. It's selling fast but still available in classic white and collapses when not in use, a feature that will come in handy if you move frequently. The bin also sports convenient side handles, so you can easily transfer it from your closet to under your bed between seasons.

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For an ultra-affordable option, these Ziploc containers are unbeatable. Our Senior Commerce Editor Alicia has had hers for 10 years and says that their flexibility is the key to their longevity. "I do not treat these bags very gently," Alicia wrote. "I’ve packed them to the brim and shoved them under my bed, thrown them onto a closet shelf, used them as moving bags, and even hauled them down the streets of Brooklyn. Only one out of the five that I’ve had for a decade had to be tossed out." If you don't love their look, you can always cover them with a throw blanket.

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As a renter, it's essential to be cautious of scratching the floor and, let's face it, with some under-bed storage (like a basket), it can happen. Hence why a rolling storage solution with removable bags is worth it — it's on wheels! "I was able to fit a good amount of items in these two rolling bins," Tamara wrote after trying them. "I also love that the top is transparent, so you can easily see what’s inside ."

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Pattern Brands

Made from soft canvas and featuring handsome leather strap handles, this set of zippered cases is simple yet chic. The breathable material makes them an ideal choice for clothing storage, and when our Best List Editor Britt tested them, she thought they were so good looking that they doubled as decor.

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Pottery Barn

Who said under-bed bins have to look bland? You'll be pleased whenever you pull out this chic woven seagrass number, which can hold your out-of-season garments. The Savannah basket is also lidded, so your clothes and linens will be protected from dust while in storage.

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Design Within Reach

We love these bins for their cute colors, simple yet fun design, and range of sizes. The largest can slide under any bed and, if you have a little more clearance space, the medium size will also fit.

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was $45.99

Because these bins can collapse flat when they're empty, you won't have to worry about what to do with them if you can't fill them all right away. They have a slot on the front that holds a label — so you'll know what's inside before opening them — and their tri-folding lid design lets you access them from both ends.

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The Container Store

If you also have trouble remembering which storage bin contains which items, the handy labels on these zippered bags will be your favorite detail. Their heather gray color is a smart choice, too, because it does a good job of hiding any wear or tear that may occur over time.

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These neutral-colored canvas bags zip shut to protect your belongings and have sturdy handles sewn into multiple sides so you can easily reach them from any angle. Choose between 6-inch and 8-inch heights depending on how much room you have between the floor and your bed frame.

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West Elm

Pick either dark brown or light khaki rattan to give your bedroom an instant and discrete style boost. These bins are available in both lidded and unlidded options, and depending on the color you choose, you can get either an attached lid on hinges or a free-floating one you can lift to remove fully. If style is a big concern, these will serve you well.

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The dark gray felt makes this bin an inconspicuous addition to your bedroom, although it looks nice enough that you probably wouldn't mind keeping it out in the open. While it doesn't have a zipper closure, its lid fits securely in place and is easier to open than most other under-bed storage containers. Grab an extra for your closet, too.