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8 of the Best TikTok and Instagram Accounts to Follow for Thrifting Inspiration

published Mar 7, 2022
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If there’s one word that can encapsulate a thrift store or vintage shop, it’s this: stuff. Those who aren’t used to shopping secondhand can find it overwhelming. After all, it can be tough to sort through all that stuff and find the real gems.

But experienced secondhand shoppers know all the tricks for finding the good stuff (or finding the just-OK stuff and making it good). And the very best secondhand shoppers know how to pass those tricks on to others. Take these eight TikTok and Instagram stars, all of whom have turned secondhand shopping into a first-rate gig. Some of them are all about the flip — finding something old and giving it a fresh look — while others seek out treasures that just need a bit of polish to be ready for prime time. But all of them are generous in sharing their know-how on their platforms, letting followers in on their secrets for scoring the perfect vintage haul.

Whether you’re looking for a new project or just want to outfit your home with cool vintage treasures, these eight accounts will give you all the inspiration — and knowledge — you need. Happy thrifting!

An Upcycler Whose 1930s Home is All About Cottage-Core Coziness

Josie Davis has been slowly renovating her 1930s cottage room-by-room since 2013, and since then, she’s been crafting a timeless style that looks as fresh as it does cozy. Her kitchen in particular, which she recently renovated, features long open shelves and peg boards, complete with vintage finds arranged perfectly around a farmhouse sink. Follow her on Instagram and TikTok for home staples and accessories you can thrift, projects that can be finished in a weekend, and styling tricks to create a relaxing aesthetic. 

The Expert Reseller Sharing His Wisdom for Successful Thrifting

Let’s be real: Eric has probably been thrifting longer than some of our readers have been alive. Since 2003, he’s meticulously searched through thrift stores, estate sales, and the like for his Milwaukee-based business BC modern, which focuses mostly on mid-century style. Eric’s Instagram and TikTok only prove that he’s a highly skilled, full-time reseller, since he takes his followers on all of his shopping trips and sales — virtually and in person. But the best part about joining him? Other than his friendly and fun personality, Eric breaks down what to look for in a piece to prove its value, how to repair items for a bigger profit, and how you spot whether you’re being ripped off. It’s like going to resale school knowing your studies are going to pay off. 

A Long-Time Thrifter Who Can Spot Something from Nothing on Every Rack

Dina has been thrifting since she was a kid, which makes sense — her Instagram shows her expertly (and often comedically) picking out everything from home wares to clothing to artwork. Her feed captures what she’s scored around her hometown of Akron, Ohio, and it’s possible to claim a few of those treasures for yourself from her website’s shop. Dina’s infectious personality and clever styling tricks make secondhand shopping seem like a great time, and she regularly points out how good this shopping habit is for the environment, too. Oh, and if you’re a podhead: Dina also co-hosts a podcast, aptly titled “Thanks, It’s Thrifted,” that’s packed with even more thrifting advice.

A Lifelong Thrifter and DIYer Who Marries Maximalism and Mid-Century

Kelsey Ferch has been thrifting, selling, and DIYing for as long as she can remember in St. Louis, but it took the pandemic to start showcasing her handiwork on Instagram and TikTok under the moniker @LuciHelen_athome. She got the name from her two late grandmothers Lucille and Helen — the former being more bohemian and the latter a bit more classic — and used their blend of styles to put forth a look that she describes as “eclectic, colorful, and vintage.” Follow her for a more maximalist take on mid-century, in which saturated shades and bold patterns reign. 

A Savvy Thrifter Who Combines Design and Comedy

It’s hard not to laugh while watching Clinton Avery Tharp flip the furniture he finds around Oklahoma City — really, we dare you not to crack a smile, at the very least. There’s silliness in every frame, either from how he describes the work being done to update a piece, or what he’s thinking as he shops in a vintage store, or the ways in which he and his friends entertain each other. His Instagram and TikTok accounts show off a highly knowledgeable flipper and renovator, but he presents it in a way that’s so fun, you’ll enjoy it even if you never pick up a tool for yourself. In other words, watch out, Chip Gaines: there’s a new funny and talented guy in this DIY town.

A Thrifter Whose Love for Wicker Made Her a Successful Businesswoman 

When Sarah Small’s husband Joey joked that she was a “wicker goddess” for always being able to find these woven furnishings around their home in Phoenix, little did he know that she would use the nickname to start a successful business. In the last four years, Sarah has used her Instagram and TikTok accounts to feature a sunny bohemian style, complete with plenty of rich textures and desert colors. Her accounts show her foraging through thrift shops and estate sales, coming across just-right furniture on online marketplaces, and completing DIYs and styling projects to make everything look perfect. For those who fall in love with something she finds or creates, Sarah makes it available to purchase in her brick-and-mortar store and website

A Stylish Thrifter and DIYer Showing You How to Get the Home You Want

Aarica Nichole probably has the type of apartment and sartorial sense you’re after: Both are bright, colorful, and curated to give off a cool midcentury-meets-modern vibe. So, it’s a good thing that she’s willing to share how her home and wardrobe came to be on Instagram, whether it’s by documenting thrifting trips, sharing approachable DIYs, or teaching how to color coordinate simply by taking a picture of her mix-and-match surroundings. Follow Aarica to get the confidence you need to create the home you want, complete with details others will be asking to “borrow.”

A Photographer-Turned-Reseller Who Shows off the Beauty of Memphis Style

April Staso is a photographer with a love for collecting timeless yet edgy vintage items, so she started her own shop named April Baby Vintage in 2020 as a combination of these two passions. She takes her TikTok and Instagram followers along as she searches for home goods in flea markets and thrift stores primarily in the greater Los Angeles area, seeking out neutral-colored finds with an ‘80s and ‘90s twist. Some of those finds are then primed for their beauty shot to be sold to online customers. Follow April if you’re looking to create a home that finds a balance between Memphis style and mid-century. 

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