25 Zodiac-Themed Gifts for the Astrology Lover in Your Life

updated Dec 7, 2022
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Let’s not beat around the bush — gift shopping for people can be hard. Sometimes you have the perfect gift in mind for months, but at other times it seems that no matter how hard you rack your brain (or scour stores and the web), you just can’t find the right gift. However, a great way to narrow down a gift is to consider your giftee’s hobbies, and one hobby that has tons of cute gifts to pick from is astrology. Whether they’re a newbie to the world of astrology or can recite everyone they know’s birth chart from memory, finding a cute zodiac gift is easier than ever. From fun books and home decor to luxe candles from one of the most popular candle companies around, we rounded up 25 of our favorite zodiac gifts every astrology lover will go gaga for. May the stars be always on your side.

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Known for its iconic city and state-inspired candles, Homesick took this same idea and applied it to the zodiac, creating 12 scents with each candle perfectly embodying each zodiac sign. Every candle also comes with an option to personalize it with a note on the back — be it an especially accurate horoscope, a special holiday message, or an intention for the season ahead — for an extra-special touch.

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Urban Outfitters
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Whether as a snacking plate or as an entryway accent, this ceramic zodiac dish is the ultimate find. It's made with a gorgeous vintage-inspired look and comes embossed with the zodiac sign of your choice.

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For the astrology lover with an eye on the new year, pick them up this gorgeous planner from Papier. Available with a foil-finished cover, it's the perfect place for your giftee to map out their 2023.

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Astrid & Miyu

Let your favorite star lover shine all year long with this gorgeous zodiac gift set from Astrid and Miyu. Each box comes with one of the brand's iconic Zodiac Pendant Necklaces, as well as the exclusive Cosmic Star Stud Earrings for a gift they'll cherish for years to come. Looking for something even grander? They also have a 12-Day Advent Calendar filled with everything from glimmering jewelry to gift cards your giftee will love unboxing.

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Zodiac tea? Yes, please! Each two-ounce tin is blended using fine tea varietals and botanicals to reflect the signature qualities of a sign of the zodiac for a cuppa steeped in the stars.

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Exploring your inner self is easy with one of these Astrological Journals. With a unique journal for each sign, readers can explore personalized prompts and questions designed for self-reflection where they’ll learn all about what their sign means for their strengths, weaknesses, goals, personality traits, and more.

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What better way to enjoy your zodiac tea than in a matching mug? This Constellation Mug set comes with a tea infuser and a golden spoon that makes each cup feel just a bit fancier.

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Have someone in your life who's new to astrology and wants to learn more? "The Stars Within You: A Modern Guide to Astrology" is the perfect read for anyone looking to better understand the fundamentals of astrology, how to read their own birth charts, or for a tool to deepen their self-awareness.

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Many of those who are into astrology also have a fondness for crystals. This mini set from Gemstone House + Home comes with two essential crystals paired to each corresponding zodiac sign, as well as with descriptions of the crystal's properties and the zodiac sign's attributes.

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Is your giftee a foodie? Invite them to find the perfect recipes for every meal and occasion by letting the stars be their guide. With "Your Astrological Cookbook: The Perfect Recipe for Every Sign", they'll be inspired by food recommendations catered to every astrological sign’s key qualities and personality traits to ensure a perfect meal every time.

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West Elm

For a gift with a little subtlety, we love these Constellation coasters from West Elm. With a navy background and celestial accents, each coaster offers up a little subdued touch of glam to any space.

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Uncommon Goods

For the tiniest astrologers among us, pick up one of these adorable board books. These beautifully illustrated books introduce babies and toddlers to the traditional traits of their sign, celebrating the characteristics that make each so special and loved.

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One of the most popular zodiac gifts over the last 10 years has been the star map poster. These lovely pieces of decor feature a personalized custom night sky view based on the date and location you select, making it a truly spectacular way to commemorate a special day.

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Baked by Melissa

We can call it now: this cupcake set is definitely the most delicious gift on this list. Everyone's favorite mini-cupcakery Baked by Melissa teamed up with celebrity astrologer Aliza Kelly to create 12 delicious cupcake sets designed to share which cupcake flavor you are most like according to your zodiac sign, with each set including a pair of flavors hand-selected by Aliza herself.

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Uncommon Goods

Humans have been studying how the heavenly bodies affect our fates and fortunes for nearly 5,000 years, so you know there's a lot more to astrology than just checking your horoscope app. In this 75-minute class, leading astrologer Emily Klintworth will demonstrate how to chart your unique astrological forecast for the next 12 months, making this an experiential gift you (or any astrology lover) are sure to enjoy.

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Is your giftee someone obsessed with the stars and crafting the perfect cocktail? Then "The Mixology of Astrology" is the best of both worlds. This fun book will have friends wondering how they always know their perfect drink. Hint: it was written in the stars — and this book.

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Have a friend who lives their life by the moon? Then this trendy moon lamp will make the perfect gift. Coming in various sizes, it comes with a bunch of chic stand options for a piece that will make a statement while also filling their astrology-loving heart with peace and calm.

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Birthdate Candles
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For a truly special zodiac gift, head to Birthdate Co to pick up the Birthdate Book. Each beautiful book is made-to-order, illustrating your giftee's astrological birth chart — the map of the stars and planets at the exact moment they were born. With over 70 pages of detailed horoscope analysis, they'll uncover secrets and insights about their life, personality, and what the stars have in store.

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Urban Outfitters

Bring some astrological flair to a loved one's kitchen with this gorgeous cutting board. Made of food-safe fiberboard, this cutting board features a dreamy, retro zodiac print from Doodle By Meg on one side with a clear prep surface on the other.

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Uncommon Goods

Whether it's to keep your favorite pieces of jewelry safe or as a place to display your crystal collection, these moon-shaped constellation dishes are a can't-miss. Embossed with one of 12 constellations associated with the zodiac, each artisan-crafted mango wood dish is an elegant place to display your most prized possessions.

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Speaking of prized possesions, if you'd like your giftee to have a little special something to place on their jewelry dish, these fun constellation rings are the perfect companion gift!

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Uncommon Goods

What's better than a good throw pillow? How about a hand-embroidered astrology pillow? Capturing the essence of each sign with hand-drawn artwork and vibrantly-colored thread, each pillow is a unique, heirloom-worthy work of art, handmade in India.

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The Bouqs Co.

If your giftee loves flowers, then they'll love the Elements Collection from The Bouqs, which features an assortment of bouquets astrologically aligned for every sign, occasion, and intention — like the Firecracker! This stunning bouquet features a vibrant assortment of hot pink, orange and red roses, pincushions, and exotic palm frond.

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Uncommon Goods

Wrapping up in good vibes is a given with these breathtaking astrology blankets! Woven of 100 percent cotton in New York, each larger-than-average, fringe-lined, tapestry-inspired throw gives off the ultimate dose of mystical vibes.

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Uncommon Goods

Who doesn't love a good gift set? This zodiac-themed one from Uncommon goods comes with a gorgeous embroidered zip pouch, cozy socks, and a luxury bar of soap, each personalized for a corresponding star sign.