Tired of Fighting Over the Covers? This Best List-Winning Blanket Is Made for Sharing and Makes Lounging So Luxurious

published Feb 27, 2023
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It’s no secret that I love blankets of all kinds. There are no less than three on my bed at any given time, two on my couch, four in the linen closet, one in my office, and even more stored in a soft container underneath my bed. Before my best friend moved to another state, I always had a blanket ready when she visited for our weekly hangout. From fleece to knits to quilts, there’s never a blanket too far away and it’s a must-have for cozy lounging in my home. I was fortunate enough to test out a blanket for Best List that I was curious about after seeing it all over commercials and social media: The Original Stretch Blanket from Big Blanket Co. It’s an oversized throw blanket that can double as bedding, travel with you, and even makes an excellent fort. I found the blanket so impressive that it took a top spot on AT’s bed blanket Best List as the Best Oversized option to add to your home.

Judging by pictures, the Original Stretch Blanket looks soft, but what isn’t captured in images is how smooth it is, too. The four-way stretch fabric has a slight sheen to it that easily reflects light and reminds me of velvet with a shorter pile; however, it’s made from a poly-spandex blend that’s surprisingly cozy right out of its packaging. Though it isn’t technically a weighted blanket, its 10’ x 10’ size makes it 11 pounds of flowing fabric to carry from the couch to your bed and anywhere in between. I primarily use it as an additional layer of bedding, which might sound strange since I’m a hot sleeper, but the added weight actually helps me sleep better. Plus, since the Original Stretch Blanket is made from temperature-regulating fabric (and it isn’t thick), it’s breathable and doesn’t get too hot to sleep under. I love having this blanket on my bed, especially since I can pull it off separately and wrap myself up in it for a good session of Netflix binge-watching whenever I choose.

I was able to snag the blanket in lilac, a limited edition color, but it comes in a total of 11 popular hues. The brand also drops limited release colors throughout the year, especially near big holidays. In addition to their Original Stretch Blanket, Big Blanket Co. also has a fluffier Premier Plush blanket, a Classic Knitted blanket, and a Premium Woven blanket if you’re looking for a totally different style and feel.

Credit: Britt Franklin

At 100 square feet, the Original Stretch Blanket surpasses a king-size bed only by a few inches, but those few inches make a huge difference. Even more so if, like me, you’re putting the blanket on a queen-size platform bed. I’ve always loved the look of billowy bedding that pours over the mattress and down to the floor. Now, the big blanket isn’t exactly pooling on my bedroom carpet, but it does cover my bed frame to give it a really romantic makeover that makes it a dreamy place to rest my head at night. I also love that while the Original Stretch Blanket is super luxurious, I’m not afraid to get it dirty. Despite its size, the blanket is extremely easy to clean. It’s safely machine-washable in cold water and gets tumble dried on low before going back on my bed. If I ever need to store it, the blanket can be folded smaller than it seems and can easily fit into my linen closet. However, I can tell you now that it’s never seen the inside of a closet because I can’t get enough of it! If the blanket isn’t on my bed, it’s draped over a chair that’s very much within reach.

If you’ve been going back and forth about whether or not to get the Original Stretch Blanket you’ve likely seen all over social media, trust me when I say that it’s time to take the leap! I’ve bought product that I’ve seen on Instagram before that didn’t measure up to expectations, but that can’t be said for Big Blanket Co. Their big blankets live up to the hype and are actually worth it!