This Editor-Favorite Candle Company Just Launched the Answer to Our Collective Mercury-in-Retrograde Prayers

published Jan 14, 2022
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Cozy flatlay with wooden tray, cup of coffee or cocoa, candle, notebooks on white sheets and blankets

Regrettably, I have some news: Mercury goes into retrograde again today through February 3. I know, I know. Before the panic sets in, let’s just all take a collective deep breath. While the astrological event is commonly associated with communication meltdowns, tech issues, and any number of inconveniences, you don’t have to think of it as a punishment from the universe. That’s because one of our favorite candle companies has come up with a scent-sational way to usher us all through this turbulent time. Birthdate Co. — the brand known for their totally giftable birthday candles and tarot candles — just created a limited-edition Survive Mercury Retrograde candle and the timing could not be more perfect.

The small-batch scent (handpoured in the United States) boasts tranquil fragrance notes of soothing lavender, vetiver, bergamot, amber, and cedarwood, instantly filling your space with a relaxing and — dare we say — otherworldly vibe. But there’s more to love about this flame than just the yummy smell. There’s a piece of Amazonite crystal hidden inside the candle, meant to bring about balance and strength during the wacky times associated with Mercury in retrograde, plus an instructional sticker on the back, which walks you through exactly what occurs during this unique time and how to protect your positive energy.

Even most non-astro fans can admit that the act of lighting a candle brings about good vibes, so at the very least you can snag Birthdate’s Survive Mercury Retrograde candle as a nudge to relax, reset, and take a deep breath every so often — reminders we could all use these days, no mater what our opinion of the stars is. Either way, you’ll want to move quick: Birthdate Co. created a limited batch of these babies, and once they sell out (or February 3 rolls around and we’re all freed from the universe’s chaos), they’re gone for good.