One of Our Favorite Brands Just Launched the Most Giftable Tarot Candle Collection

published Sep 14, 2021
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Call me a candle fiend. Suntan lotion, bonfire, lavender, pine — I’ve got pretty much every scent you can think of. But a set of candles that offers spiritual insight into the past, present, and future? Nope, I don’t have those in my collection yet, and I’m guessing you don’t either — but you can now! Today, the widely adored Birthdate Co. candle company, known for their Birthdate Candles and Birthdate Book, has launched their brand-new Tarot Trio luxury candle set — and it happens to be the world’s first three-card tarot reading in a candle set.

Since they’re already purveyors of all things mystic and astrological, it’s only natural that the company’s next offering involves tarot cards. Over the past year and a half, it’s safe to say that we’ve all experienced a cosmic shift in our lives, whether it’s standing at a career crossroads or adjusting to our “new normal.” So it seems like the ideal time to gain some insight into what was, what is, and what will be.

With black soy and coconut wax poured into stunning black glass vessels, you can invite those clairvoyant vibes into your space along with master perfumer-designed scents that are meant to evoke the power of your past, the energy of your present, and the promise of your future. Birthdate Co. promises each candle will come with its own distinctive aroma. Sure, you can’t go wrong with notes of bergamot, cedarwood, amber, and violet flower, but how exactly do these candles work their magic?

Your candle trio will come with a booklet that will guide you as you carry out the company’s recommended ritual, in which you’ll set an intention (just like you might do before starting a yoga class), meditate on guiding prompts, and light one of the candles. After a couple hours of burning, a metal tarot card charm will reveal itself within the wax. Carefully using the provided tweezers (burning your fingers is not part of the ritual!), you’ll put out the flame and interpret the charm. And the booklet will help you do just that.

Like any tarot reading, this process could give you a clearer view into your strengths and vulnerabilities and may even shed some light on what’s to come in your future.

If you’re not all that into mysticism, if anything, it’s quality time spent with peace and quiet, introspection, and delicious-smelling candles. Remember that this will be a perfect gift for your intuitive friend, and if you’re not particularly spiritual, it’s something new and intriguing to try. Who knows? These might become your favorite candles in your collection, and you could gain some surprisingly beneficial insights along the way.

Buy: The Tarot Trio, $115 (normally $145)