This $45 Vacuum Has Over 9,500 5-Star Amazon Reviews and Can Tackle the Biggest Messes

published Aug 27, 2022
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Credit: Minette Hand

If you’re anything like me, you’ll agree: There’s nothing worse than dirty floors. I mean, I rarely use the word hate, but if there’s one thing I hate, it’s crumbs sticking to the undersides of my socks, pet hair between my toes, and sand attaching itself to my freshly showered feet. But, the truth of the matter is, no matter who you are — if you have children, a surfer boyfriend, a fur baby, or a messy chef in the house — it’s inevitable that you’ll have to clean the floors once in a while. And, while we know of a few stellar products that mitigate various messes, once the crumbs have hit the floor, well, you need a tool that can do the heavy lifting. Or, should I say sweeping!

There’s no doubt there are loads of powerful vacuums out there to handle all sorts of unexpected floor-ridden emergencies. But sometimes, they, well, suck. Truth be told, I use a broom more often than not — I just find it more effective on my hard wood floors! However, my arms and shoulders aren’t always up to the task of sweeping the whole house. Luckily, some genius people out there invented a solution for the vacuum-evading messes that uses almost zero elbow grease: the Bissell Perfect Sweep Turbo.

This nearly silent vacuum has a lot to brag about: 60 minutes of run time, easy to clean, cordless, and it’s incredibly lightweight. This motorized sweeper effortlessly cleans up your floors, no matter what state they’re in. And I’m talking any state. Take it from this mom, who has some serious clean-ups to take care of: “If you’re on the fence about this — let me help you. Today I swept up wet macaroni and cheese, runny scrambled eggs, chewed up mandarin oranges, half a bag of flour and at least three gallons of sand from our sandbox . . . I can confidently say that this is the best purchase I’ve made since becoming a mom . . . 15/10 recommend!” I mean, I dare you to find another vacuum that can suck up runny, scrambled eggs.

So, whether it’s food scraps, cat hair, or chewed-up oranges, this vacuum will make the mess disappear right before your eyes — no matter the surface (hardwood, carpet or tile). And if you suffer from back pain or tired arms, vacuuming will no longer feel like a chore: “This Bissell is lightweight and easy to push. It does the job,” explained another reviewer, “It is quiet too. It’s easy to clean…just dump the tray and snap back in. My first one lasted 3 years of heavy, daily use. This is my 2nd sweeper and I’ll buy a 3rd when this one is finished.” Talk about a content customer! They then went on to praise its run time, “It charges, and the charge lasts about seven days for me, that’s 7x of running over my floors, halls, foyer, etc. Then I plug it in for a few hours to charge and it’s ready for the next 7 days. Totally worth it IMO.” I don’t know about you but a week of run time seems pretty heavenly to me.

And if you’re a pet owner, this device was made for you. As fall creeps up on us, so do the bits of leaves and paw marks covered in mud. “I have two dogs that go out every few hours and bring back a constant trail of leaves, mulch, grass (you get the picture) onto my beige carpet. I finally just stopped putting my vacuum away . . . Sick of tripping over my vacuum I decided to give a motorized sweeper a try. I LOVE this thing!” Wrote in this pet parent.”This Bissell weighs hardly anything, takes up no space, is super easy to empty (from the top- no flipping it over and crap falling out), makes hardly any noise and picks up every visible thing. Even great on dog hair.” I’m so tired of pulling clumps of dog hair out of my broom, so that review alone sold me.

So, if you need a reason to ditch the broom, this is your sign. Why put in extra work when this vacuum does the heavy lifting for you?