10 Space-Saving Pet Food Storage Containers for Smart Organization

published Aug 19, 2022
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Pet owners love giving their four-legged friends the best of the best. To help treat pets like the beloved family members they are, we’ve already covered some of the best dog foods out there, including types for picky eaters and vet-approved kibble alternatives. Naturally, you’ll also want chic food bowls for your furry friend, but what about stocking your kitchen with smart storage to hold their kibble and treats? Ahead, we’ve rounded up some of the best, most stylish pet food storage containers that will save you space and keep food fresh.

Whether you have a large dog who requires room for bulk bags of food or a small cat who needs a container that can fit in a cabinet, we’ve covered just about every size and style below. You’ll find portable options with pour spouts, pet food stations that include food and water bowls, and sleek units that you can refill as needed. We’re sure that one of these pet food containers is just what you’ve been looking for to make your kitchen even tidier.

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This food storage duo is great for households with two pets or for storing pet food and treats in the same unit. The bottom airtight container holds a whopping 25 pounds of food, while the top container can fit up to 10 pounds. Use it for dog food, cat food, bird food, or even dried hay for your rabbit.

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A pet-parent favorite, the Gamma2 Vittles Vault is perfect for anyone looking for something airtight and durable. Holding up to 50 pounds of food, reviewers love the fact that it's weatherproof and pest-proof making it a safe pick to leave both indoors and out.

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Yamazaki Home

For a little more style while storing a giant bag of dog food, check out this sleek container from Yamazaki. It can hold up to 15 pounds (they also sell small and medium containers if you don't need as much space) and includes a measuring cup for scooping kibble. The entire top opens, too, so it's easy to scoop and pour as needed.

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If you have smaller pets at home, this foldable 13-pound capacity pet food container is a great, versatile option. It holds five pounds when folded, making it a useful tool if you're traveling with your pet. Plus, it has an airtight seal to keep food fresh for longer.

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Looking for a travel-friendly food container? The Kurgo Dog Food Travel Bag is designed to be taken with you so your furry friend will always have a meal no matter where your adventures take you. Foldable and designed to hold up to five pounds of food, its hex-weave material keeps food fresh while also keeping out pests and unwanted moisture.

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This stainless steel pet food container has a locked handle and silicone gaskets, which offer a tight seal. Like most simplehuman products, the container has a slew of user-friendly features, such as a magnetic scooper attached under the lid and a removable inner bucket for easy cleaning. The medium size can hold around 30 pounds, while the extra-large size can hold up to 40 pounds of food.

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Not everyone needs huge pet food storage options, which is where this small plastic container comes in handy. The size is ideal for cats, birds, and small dogs. It also has a large pour spout and measuring cup, so you can either pour directly into your pet's bowl or measure out a specific amount of food first. Plus, there's a handle that makes it easy to carry and pour.

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Why not invest in a container that's as stylish as it is useful? This storage vessel from Hubee is so attractive that you'll (actually) want to display it! Choose from four pretty colors to hold up to 22 pounds of food. The silicone seal is designed to keep contents fresh, while the entire unit is dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. It even comes with a measuring cup for exact servings.

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This two-in-one pet food storage and bowl station will not only save you space, but it will also provide an elevated position for bigger dogs so they don't strain their necks while eating. The base can hold up to 25 pounds of food, and the bowls are large enough for four-cup servings. (This Russet shade also happens to be on major sale right now!)

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Another all-in-one option is this pet food station, complete with storage for kibble, pullout bowls, and two surfaces for storing treats, toys, or wet food cans. The food drawer can hold up to a whopping 44 pounds of food.

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Another compact option for storing smaller quantities of food or treats is this OXO Good Grips pet food dispenser. You won't need a scoop because the lid has a built-in spout for pouring, and the airtight seal will keep anything inside fresh using a design similar to the POP containers.

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This dual unit has two large bins, perfect for households with dogs and cats. The bottom bin is easily accessible with the foot pedal, and it even includes a 1.5-cup scooper. To make this tower even more handy, there are side hooks for storing leashes and collars.

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