The $14 Amazon Find That’ll Help You Easily Clean This Neglected Area of Your Home

published Aug 19, 2022
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There are places in every home that are known hubs for dust. Window ledges, bookshelves, blinds, and the like. But it’s so easy to forget those surfaces when you’re not staring at them all the time. Out of sight, out of mind, as it goes. Many of those surfaces are the tops of things — the tops of the kitchen cabinets, the top of the door frame, and, of course, the tops of ceiling fan blades. Especially if you have tall ceilings, the latter is nothing short of a pain to clean. And yet, if you don’t, who knows how many discarded dust particles you’re breathing in every time your fan goes for a whirl? At least there are tools out there made for this exact problem. Duster brushes are already amazing, but we recently found one that’s different from most feather dusters — both in its design and in function.

The most obvious perk of the innovative Estilo ceiling fan duster is its adjustable handle, which can extend from 27 inches to 47 inches, allowing you to reach those easily overlooked areas. The handle actually comes in four separate parts, and you can screw additional lengths onto the head depending on how far you want it to reach. Another bonus of the extender? It keeps you out of the line of fire (or in this case, dirt and debris) while you use the duster. Buyers agree that this product’s convenience factor is game-changing. “This duster is making my life easier because I can reach ALL of my ceiling fans WITHOUT having to climb on a chair or ladder, which is so much safer and easier for me,” one Amazon reviewer wrote. “…it’s also a time saver because I can just walk up, slide it on each blade a couple of times and move on to the next one!”

By “slide it on,” this happy customer is referring to the head of the duster, which has a hole in its middle large enough for a fan blade to slide through. This feature ensures that every square inch of surface area receives a swipe. The gadget’s microfiber material traps and removes unwanted particles without leaving scratches. And unlike some other dusters, this one is reliably sturdy. “Over the years I’ve tried different styles of fan blade dusters,” one shopper reflected. “The duster always falls off, or the unit is too flimsy. Not this one. One of the best impulse purchases I’ve made in a very long time.” What more is there to say? The Estilo duster does the job, and it’s under $15. We’ll just leave the link here for you.