This “Impressive” $30 20-Piece Storage Set Is a Life-Saver for Meal Prep

published Dec 28, 2023
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Reusable plastic container in the larder
Credit: patpitchaya/Shutterstock

Planning your meals ahead of time is a life-saver, especially once you’re back home from a grocery shopping trip. Although it can be difficult to adjust to, it’s worth it to avoid asking yourself: what’s for dinner tonight? And will it be enough for lunch tomorrow?

However, once you begin meal prepping, you’ll quickly learn that owning an abundance of containers is essential for storing your cooked dishes. With stores like Sam’s Club offering a 90-pack set of containers for less than $30, there’s no way that you’ll run out of food storage. But if you’re looking to save space in your cabinets and need a little less than 90 containers, BJ’s has a solution for you — and it’s only $30.

The Berkley Jensen Glass Food Storage Set is a 20-piece collection that includes four rectangular-sized containers, three square-sized containers, three round-sized containers, and airtight-locking lids to fit all ten pieces for anything you need to store. If you’ve misplaced your go-to baking pan, these containers are also oven-safe up to 450 degrees, so a small casserole can easily fit inside. One customer even baked bread in a container and said that it “held up really well.” But if you need to store last night’s leftovers, the containers are also freezer-friendly. Talk about duality! 

Of course, reheating your lunch at work isn’t an issue either, since the containers are also microwave-safe. Because of the low price and versatility of the containers, this purchase is worth it, and the airtight lids will prevent any spills in your tote bag or lunch box. 

According to the reviews, the set is “super easy to open and close” which is convenient for cleaning them in the dishwasher. Others praised the size range and price, and the blue color of the lids is appealing, too. Once you see these at BJ’s, be sure to add them to your shopping cart. Packing your lunch will never be the same (in a good way).