6 Black Ceiling Ideas That Totally Work

updated Sep 12, 2022
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(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Black tends to be a bit of a polarizing color for interiors: we’ve written about black walls, black bathrooms, black bedrooms, and each time the response is either love or hate. But what about… black on the ceiling?

When it comes to black ceilings, some may immediately think of a cave, while others see this dark hue above and feel warm and cozy vibes. Regardless of your opinion, we’ve curated a few of our favorite black ceilings that you’re sure to love. Take a look at the images below, and then judge for yourself.

1. Dark and Grand

We’re kicking this list off with a huge entryway from @divine_design_decor that’s more than spacious enough to handle the dramatic black ceiling. Another thing they’ve done right? Lots of white and light wood tones to brighten the space and offset the dark paint of the ceiling. 

2. Zen-like Retreat

Obsessed. That’s the best word to describe how we feel about this amazing space by @homeonanashvillehill. They’ve incorporated wooden beams on their black ceiling for a beautiful, zen-like vibe that continues throughout the entire space with the use of neutral rugs and furniture. 

Credit: @sannie_vm

3. Dark and Moody

@Sannie_vm gives us but a glimpse of their black ceiling that they’ve paired with a daringly dark shade of gray on the wall. It’s dark and moody for sure, but it totally works. And their choice of an expertly placed Degas painting is perfection.

4. Scandi-Style

This stunning kitchen by @villa_orion is Scandi-style modern perfection, with the black ceiling and sparse black light fixtures. Plenty of expansive windows offset the darkness of the kitchen by letting in plenty of natural light. 

5. Black and White

What’s the best way to lighten up a black ceiling? Install white light fixtures, of course! We love these white lantern lights by @selfbuild_shetland that totally work with the white walls to break up the darkness created by the ceiling.  

6. Monochrome Magic

This black ceiling joins black walls for a stunningly gorgeous look in this expansive room by @torieokamurarealtor. Three solid walls of windows perfectly offset the dark interior and provide an abundance of natural light.

What do you think: would you consider trying this at home? Are black ceilings a yea or nay in your book?