I Tried TikTok’s Blanket Wall, and Now I’ll Never Fold Blankets Again

published Nov 3, 2023
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My husband and I could just barely afford our mortgage when we bought our forever home, so we (very responsibly, I thought) turned the basement into a short-term rental. It was a huge success — other than, you know, constantly shushing our children, cleaning up after strangers, and buying a truly obscene number of replacement towels. When the pandemic hit and we had to shut it down, I was only relieved. 

The space is now my office, but there are some weird things about it. For example, the wall-mounted coat rack, which made sense in an apartment, has been sitting empty since March 2020. That is, it was empty — until I saw a brilliant TikTok on how to use it.

In the six-second video, Kaitlyn Mackenzee Corbin (@kaitlynmackenzee) hangs a cozy blanket on a 6-peg wall hook from Target, next to four other display-worthy throws. The video has been viewed by 3.2 million users, which isn’t surprising: This hack eliminates the need to fold blankets, and it’s an affordable way to decorate wall space. It has blanket ladder vibes, but with much easier access to the throws. Because it utilizes vertical space, it’s also perfect for small apartments — no floor baskets are required. 

Commenters love the idea. Saxanie Nottingham writes, “My ADHD really sparked up after seeing this [heart eyes emoji]. I always forget about my blankets when they are put away!” User Cat7nana3 comments, “OMG how did the world not think of this sooner??”

Credit: Meg Asby

And I love it too! I like having my throws hanging from the wall, displayed proudly on the formerly forlorn coat rack. Plus, I never have to fold them again. My chilly basement office is now fully stocked with blankets, and I didn’t have to spend even one dollar to make it happen. I’m so glad I gave this trick a try.