Bretman Rock’s BretMan Cave Is Arguably the Coolest Part of His Home

published Nov 30, 2022
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Credit: Photo: Getty Images; Design: Apartment Therapy

The style of Filipino beauty influencer Bretman Rock doesn’t stop at his wardrobe and vanity. Throughout the halls of his Hawaiian home, you’d think that you landed within the cover of an interior design magazine while glancing at the thoughtful artwork dedicated to his Filipino and Hawaiian heritage.

Perhaps you recognize the 24-year-old from his YouTube channel, or you’ve possibly scrolled past his adorable content with his niece, Cleo. Between his livelihood as a social media influencer and star of reality show “MTV’s Following: Bretman Rock,” his charismatic personality has won the hearts of many.

Last year, his home in Oahu was showcased by Architectural Digest, which showed his multiple living rooms, glam room, and gorgeous balcony equipped with an incredible view of Hawaii. During the chaos of late 2020, the Philippines-born content creator returned to his home state and purchased the island villa, and he’s described the vibe of his home as “close to nature, colorful, and gay.” 

How exactly has he decided to furnish his residence in the last two years? Glad you asked! Between his statement pieces like the eye-catching Bloom armchair by Kenneth Cobonpue and the cleverly-named BretMan Cave, Rock’s descriptive storytelling about his home and its cultural decor provided an inviting impression, as if I was receiving an in-person tour. 

Apartment Therapy had the opportunity to hear more about Rock’s passion for commissioning designers of color, and the crystal collection dwelling within the infamous BretMan Cave.

Apartment Therapy: After watching your AD tour from last year, we have to talk about the exceptional statement pieces in your home like the gorgeous Bloom chair, Him & Her chair, and custom paintings — what are some of your beloved pieces in your home?

Bretman Rock: I feel like the biggest icebreaker when I bring people into my house is my butt chair, because it’s the first thing they see, and it gets everybody comfortable to see what else is in the rest of my house. I think it’s a cute introduction.

AT: How do you incorporate your Hawaiian and Filipino cultures into your home?

BR: It’s so very easy, because there’s just so many Filipino designers that I really look up to and Hawaiian designers that are easy to source. I have one that is making me a custom bed sheet right now to match my purple vibes. But honestly, when I was finding pieces for my home, [Filipino designers] were my number one priority. There’s just something that makes your home more special when it’s made from people that look like you, grew up like you, and I genuinely feel like there’s more intention when people of color are designing it.

AT: I have to know more about your BretMan cave. I would love to know why a calm, inviting space like this is a necessity in your home.

BR: Would you call that a calm, inviting space? I’m kidding, but it can be so chaotic up there. There’s so many things to look at like my science room, my dog’s beds, and there’s just a lot of things in there, but for some reason, it’s so serene. It’s also where I keep all of my crystals — that are okay with sitting next to each other — because some of my crystals don’t really like each other.

I think it’s important to have a place where I can run to when things are hectic [in the rest of my home]. It really is my “do-whatever-I-want, hobby room.” It’s more than an escape room. It’s more than just my man cave. I think it’s just so nice to have your own little corner in your house. I think everybody needs a BretMan cave.

AT: I’m curious if you have any home upgrades coming up next?

BR: I am actually moving out of my LA apartment in Hollywood, and I’m moving closer to nature and water. Because every time I’m in Hollywood, I am always missing the grass. But I am looking for a new apartment in LA and when I do, best believe Klarna will be seeing my address everywhere. But Klarna is just used in so many different places. Like not only do I get my makeup and my fashion clothes there, but I use it on Etsy. But as someone who has such a bougie taste, I also give [my stylists] the creative freedom.