A Ranking of the Best “Bridgerton” Interiors

published Dec 27, 2021
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If you didn’t notice the meticulously detailed sets that filled the world of Netflix’s Regency-era romance “Bridgerton,” no one would blame you — there were many important things to feast your eyes on. But after you’ve properly processed your new feelings in regard to spoons, you really should take some time to appreciate the set design.

Admittedly, many of the biggest
Netflix announced today that season 2 will be available to stream on March 25, 2022, so now’s the time to catch up. Below, here are the 11 best interiors from the show:


11. Yellow Ballroom

Crystal beads hanging on all the walls, the sheer ceiling-to-floor curtain panels, and the mirrors throughout give this otherwise small ballroom a light and airy feel. 

10. Penelope’s Bedroom

The shade of green that covers the Featherington house certainly makes a statement in the drawing room, but where it really shines is Penelope’s bedroom. Mixed with shades of ivory, the green feels calming here. But what I’m really after are the hanging picture frames and fabulous dressing screen hidden in the corner. 

9. Hastings House Bedroom

It’s a little less extravagant than Daphne and Simon’s bedroom at Clyvedon, but that’s not really saying much, is it? It’s the color scheme here that’s the real winner. The cool blues and greens in the floral wallpaper, the deep blue, lush curtains, and the greenish-yellow accents give this Regency bedroom a real modern feel. 


8. Bridgerton House Foyer

The entrance to the Bridgerton house gives off Grecian vibes, with the bright white walls and moulding paired with the family’s signature blue and affinity for vases and busts, but the star is the sprawling staircase. Great for dramatic entrances and exits, which is really what everyone should all be looking for in stairs. 

7. Clyvedon Dining Room

There are a lot of beautiful dining rooms throughout the world of “Bridgerton,” but Clyvedon’s takes the cake, the reason being one word: drama. From the dark green walls to the deep red curtains, the floor to ceiling mirrors, the marble fireplace, the insanely long table, and yes, that pair of gorgeous gold chandeliers, there isn’t only one statement piece in this room — the whole thing is a statement. And that statement is probably something like “there should never be anything subtle when it comes to dinner.” 

Credit: Netflix

6. Bridgerton Drawing Room

You better like that Bridgerton blue if you’re going to be spending time with the most sought-after family in 1813. From the wallpaper to the carpets and the columns holding it all together, it’s all about that calming pastel blue. My personal favorite: Those striped blue sofas, perfect for swooning, angsting, or discussing your latest list of suspects for who could possibly be the next greatest gossip in town. 

5. The Peacock Ballroom

What’s better than a bird theme ball? (Don’t answer that.) Jokes aside, the bright hues of the birds — especially those peacock blues and greens — and giant gilded birdcages scattered around the room really pop against the terracotta-colored walls of this room. 

Credit: Netflix

4. Daphne’s Bedroom

That baby blue is the Bridgerton color, and while it may be a bit overkill in some rooms, it’s deployed perfectly in Daphne’s bedroom. Thanks to the layering of different shades of blue between the wallpaper, curtains, and bedding combined with the various textures in the textiles and furniture (those! gold! mirrors!), the room feels inviting and romantic. Quite a soothing environment to, um, get to know yourself in, isn’t it?

3. The Queen’s Bookcase Hallway

Queen Charlotte is surrounded by grand and opulent rooms, and if you’ve watched anything on British royalty, you’ve seen rooms like them before. However, this hallway lined with floor-to-ceiling bookcases and pink and gold ceiling really stands out — it’s spectacular.


2. Hall of Judgment  

Queen Charlotte is an intimidating force of nature, which is why it makes sense to meet her here, in one of the most intimidating and opulent rooms in the whole series. It screams: don’t mess with the monarchy. 

1. Clyvedon Bedroom

The bedroom at the Duke of Hastings’s Clyvedon Estate is well-designed chaos. The clashing headboard, canopy, and wallpaper (which I would like plastered over every wall in my house, please and thanks) somehow work so well together. Those prints match with the upholstered furniture, that elegant mirror set above the plaster fireplace that could be too much is actually perfect. No wonder Simon and Daphne never want to leave those four walls. Okay, they have other reasons to stay in bed all day, but it doesn’t hurt to have a nice view on top of everything else.