These $5 Target Bins Are the Organizing All-Stars of My Tiny Bathroom

published Aug 1, 2023
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Silo storage box on background
Credit: Photo: Target; Design: Apartment Therapy

If you have a really tiny bathroom or one that’s outdated, then you’re probably facing some decorating and spatial challenges. I can relate. I live in a 1200-square-foot home, and our primary bath is the smallest room in the house. It has a 5-foot by 7-foot shower stall, an old sink with no vanity, and a built-in medicine cabinet that’s too shallow to hold even the slimmest skincare products. There’s no closet, and shelves would be tricky with how much they project out into what little space we have. Needless to say, storage is an issue.

My first thought was to bring in storage bins, and I toyed with the ever-popular clear acrylic boxes. Ultimately, though, these might not be the best option if you want to keep things safe and actually out of sight, as the contents will be visible. After some searching, I finally found what may be the best and most budget-friendly solution to truly store and conceal my things.

During a recent trip to Target, I stumbled upon these Brightroom large modular storage boxes. The moment I saw them, I knew they would be perfect for my bathroom, but I wasn’t expecting the price to be so low. These only cost $5 each, and they come with clear inset tops so that you can stack the boxes if you buy more than one. 

The size and shape of these storage bins was just right for me to slide underneath the exposed sink pipes in my bathroom and still have the bathroom look stylish, intentional, and pulled-together. They’re deep enough to hold three bottles of cleaners, a roll of paper towel, and a sponge — and better yet, they take up very little floor space.

I loved these bins in my bathroom so much that I ended up buying a few more to organize all of the sheet sets that were just being folded and thrown into a linen closet down the hall. What’s great about these pieces is that you can mix and match them as your storage needs change.

When it comes to their finish, I chose the white to continue the bright, clean, and airy look I’m trying to create in the bathroom as a whole. It was important to me to have the bins be opaque so they wouldn’t look busy when full. If you’re more interested in being able to see what you’re storing, though, the bins also come in fully translucent and gray-tinted clear colorways.

The subtle flair to each of the bin’s shapes adds some extra style points. “These are perfect for ‘The Home Edit’ look on a budget,” says one Target reviewer. “I organized my entire kitchen with these bins for under $100. Super reasonable and sturdy!”

Finding good, affordable, straightforward products for my home feels like a treasure hunt sometimes, and I definitely struck gold with this one. I can’t wait to see where else I can use these $5 bins to make some organizing magic elsewhere in my home. 

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