I’ve Tested Dozens of Bath Towels and This Is Hands Down the Softest, Most Absorbent Waffle Towel You Can Buy

published Jan 23, 2024
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When it comes to my favorite bath products, I’m a huge fan waffle towels. As a small-space dweller, finding ways to save room without missing out on everyday home essentials is a must. I have limited storage for bedding, towels, and other linens, so I’m always on the lookout for high-quality options that aren’t obtrusive. That’s one of the main reasons I’ve come to love waffle bath towels so much! They’re generally slimmer and can fold tighter than plush terrycloth towels, so I can fit more in the closet without running out of shelf space.

Now, nearly all of the towels I use regularly are waffle weave, and I have no regrets. In fact, I’ve become sort of a waffle towel pro. So when I received a set of Brooklinen‘s new and improved Waffle Bath Towels, I could immediately feel that these were different than the rest.

What are Brooklinen’s Waffle Bath Towels?

Made with 100% long-staple Turkish cotton, Brooklinen’s Waffle Bath Towels have a smooth and cozy quality that proves there actually is a scale of waffle weave softness. With the creation of these towels, the brand also tackles one of the pains of waffle weave towels: shrinkage. Pre-washed, they’re designed to resist shrinking in order to maintain their shape over time and numerous washes. Additionally, the deep pockets of the unique honeycomb weave contribute to a sponginess that gives the towel its own form of “plushness.”

At 260 GSM, these lightweight and highly absorbent towels are available in White and Onyx as well as gorgeous limited edition hues like Pale Lilac, Blue Mist, Botanical Green, and my favorite, Ocean. The bath towels are available on their own as a pair or you can grab them in a variety of larger sets, including a Waffle Bath Towel Bundle and a robust Move-In Bundle.

Credit: Brooklinen

Why I Love Brooklinen’s Waffle Bath Towels

What I love most about Brooklinen’s Waffle Bath Towels is how surprisingly soft they are, which I noticed from the first time I held them. While I never expected waffle towels to have the same plush feeling as terrycloth, I ran with the assumption that they make up for the texture difference by being more absorbent and drying quicker. I’ve used both the original and newly redesigned waffle bath towels and absolutely love how they’ve stepped up the design. I’ve noticed less shrinkage, stronger hems, and dare I say, they’re even more absorbent?

I chose my towels in the color Ocean, and there’s been no fading or discoloration after multiple washes. They also dry quickly, they don’t get that sour smell from being wet for too long. Overall, I’m very happy to have Brooklinen’s Waffle Bath Towels as part of my collection. If you’re looking for lightweight towels that look elegant, get softer with time, and don’t take up a ton of extra room in your linen closet, then these are the ones for you!