These Ultra Absorbent Bath Towels Are Perfect for Summer (and Beyond!)

updated Jun 22, 2020
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If you grew up using terry cotton towels, you might believe that when it comes to bath linens, plushness reigns supreme. But if you’ve ever found your towel still wet after yesterday’s shower, you know that’s not always true. Super-thick, plush towels have their drawbacks—namely, they’re not great at absorbing water and drying quickly. That’s where waffle weave towels come in. 

As opposed to terry cotton towels, which have thick, absorbent loops of woven yarn, waffle towels are woven into a super-flat, waffle-like weave (hence the name). When you wash and dry them, the “waffles” shrink and form small honeycomb pockets that quickly absorb water without holding it in. In other words, you don’t have to worry about these towels still being wet 24 hours later.

Don’t take that to mean waffle weave towels aren’t soft and cozy, though! Typically made of 100 percent cotton, the puffy honeycomb design has a luxurious feel that’ll make you think you’re at a spa. And like any other towel, there are variations—if you want something with a little more weight to it, you can find it. And as a bonus, because they’re so thin and lightweight, they’re a dream to store or take on your travels. If you’re ready to convert to the waffle way, check out some of our favorite towels below!

Credit: Snowe

Snowe Honeycomb Bath Towel

You won’t believe how quickly these towels from Snowe will dry you off. (Seriously, it shocked our editor who tested the towels herself.) Their extra-puckered texture makes them super absorbent—just a quick pat will get you nice and dry. They’re made in Italy from 100 percent long-staple cotton, so they’re still soft like a good towel should be, and they come in three cute colors that’ll make your bathroom look even more spa-like. 

Buy: Honeycomb Bath Towel, $30 from Snowe

Credit: Amazon

Gilden Tree Waffle Weave Towel Set

If style, efficiency, and affordability is what you’re looking for in your bath towel, look no further. This set by Gilden Tree is as sleek and affordable as they come. The towels are “generously oversized” at 32″ x 62″ to allow for natural shrinkage, and they’ve available in seven colors, which means you can go as bold or as minimal as you like. And at $60 for two, they offer plenty of bang for your buck.

Buy: Gilden Tree Waffle Weave Towels (set of 2), $59.95 from Amazon

Credit: Allswell

Allswell Stonewashed Waffle Towel

This towel might throw you off at first. One of our editors says that its superior softness and fringed ends could make it pass for a throw blanket. But don’t let the good looks fool you. This towel does an incredible job of drying you off quickly, and it dries in record time, too. Plus, our editor says it’s a lot softer than other waffle weave towels she’s tried, which is a bonus for anyone missing that terry cloth plushness. 

Buy: Stonewashed Waffle Towel, $25 from Allswell

Credit: Parachute

Parachute Waffle Towel

Loomed from 100 percent long-staple Turkish cotton, there’s no doubt these towels are high-quality. Their thick, textured weave makes them look extra-luxe, and you’ll no doubt feel luxe wrapping yourself in one of these beauties post-shower. Add in the fact that they’re free of any harmful synthetic dyes and you’ve got yourself a practically perfect towel. 

Buy: Waffle Towel, $39 from Parachute

Credit: West Elm

West Elm Organic Waffle Towel

If buying organic is important to you, set your sights on West Elm’s waffle towels made from 100 percent organic cotton. They’re GOTS and OEKO-TEX certified, which means they’re proven safe from over 300 harmful substances. Choose from four beachy, breezy colors that are sure to add calm vibes to your bathroom. 

Buy: Organic Waffle Towel, $29.50 from West Elm

Credit: Ettitude

Ettitude Bamboo Lyocell Waffle Towel

Looking for an extra eco-friendly option? Ettitude’s Clean Bamboo towels are stylish and sustainable. Bamboo requires less water and harmful pesticides to grow, making it a great material for just about anything. But it’s fantastic as a towel—soft, cooling, and hypoallergenic for those with sensitive skin. These towels have the signature waffled texture, plus a hook loop for easier hanging and drying. 

Buy: Bamboo Lyocell Waffle Towel, $35 from Ettitude

(Image: The Citizenry.)

Waffle Weave Bath Towel Set

You can always count on The Citzenry for simple, high-quality products at reasonable prices. Their basic white waffle weave towel fits the bill. Made of 100 percent Pima cotton, it has the subtle design you’d expect in a spa towel.

Buy: Waffle Weave Bath Towel Set, $195 from The Citzenry

MagicLinen Waffle Towel Set

Go all in on the waffle weave trend with this handmade 3-piece set from MagicLinen. It pairs linen’s naturally absorbent properties with the honeycomb design to create one incredible quick-drying towel. The set comes with a body towel, hand towel, and face towel in a dusty pink color that will instantly glam up your space (other color options are also available).

Buy: MagicLinen Waffle Towel Set, $65 from Etsy