This New Browser Extension Helps You Shop More Sustainably

published Sep 8, 2022
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Being able to buy everything and anything with a click of a button has its perks. But if you want to shop more sustainably, access to so many goods can make it confusing and overwhelming to find the most Earth-friendly option, especially when you need to make a decision fast. 

Finch is a new Chrome feature that aims to make that decision-making process simpler. It’s an extension pop-up that gives you sustainability information about products in real time to help you make greener choices. The extension analyzes data from over 250 sources and gives you sustainability ratings for products you’re interested in based on a company’s use of ingredients, water consumption, human treatment, waste production, and overall carbon footprint. Finch also takes customer reviews into account to let you know if a product is going to actually work or last longer than just a few uses.

If a product receives a Finch rating of 0 to 3.4, then you know it’s not very green and it will likely fall apart or cause supply chain harm. Products rated between 3.5 and 6.4 aren’t great, but aren’t terrible, either. And products rated between 6.5 and 10 are the better, more Earth-friendly options.

Finch currently operates on Amazon alone and offers ratings on over 80 commonly-purchased household items, but that number is growing daily. The extension is free to download and will pop up automatically when you scroll through and shop on Amazon.

You can also head directly to Finch’s website to check out the site’s Wise Guides, a collection of shopping guides that help you choose eco-friendly home and personal care products.

Finch will be rolling out its extension to more websites in the coming months, so download now to be one of the first who gains access to more green shopping opportunities.