I Finally Found the Firm Mattress of My Dreams and My Back Is Thanking Me for It

published Feb 24, 2022
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Credit: Natalie Jeffcott

I cherish my sleep. As someone who can barely function on less than eight hours, I basically have no choice but to prioritize my shut-eye. But recently, even though I’ve been hitting the hay at my normal bedtime, I’ve been tired during the day. Plus, no amount of yoga could save me from the new ways in which my back had started aching. I’ll admit, sometimes I have one too many glasses of wine or sneak a late-night snack, but those everyday human errors just couldn’t be the culprit of my daily suffering.

I began to wonder, was it the bed? My old mattress is five years old – no sin considering the lifespan of mattresses — but when I had the opportunity to try out an all-new Lyric Hybrid Mattress from Burrow, the makers of some of our favorite living room furniture, I jumped at the chance. The mattress, which was just released a few weeks ago, is the firmer, more supportive sibling to the brand’s first mattress: the Lyric. I was excited; I love a hard mattress (you might even catch me taking a cat nap on the floor from time to time). In my book, a firmer bed always equals less back pain. I was game.

Unfurling the Lyric Hybrid from its vacuum-sealed wrapping was easy… it was waiting 72 hours for it to fully set that was the hard part. Once it was finally ready to move onto my bed frame, though, it was a breeze. With convenient handles built into the sides, I was able to hoist the surprisingly lightweight mattress atop my bed, all by myself. I’ll admit, I was a bit concerned climbing into bed that first night. The mattress felt softer than I was used to (yikes!), but I brushed it off, fell asleep unusually quickly, and didn’t wake up once throughout the night. The subsequent two weeks of restful sleep proved my back pain and fatigue were due to my mattress all along. I’m not exaggerating when I say that my back now feels magically painless (my boyfriend even noticed he was waking up free of the back pain he hadn’t realized even he’d been suffering from).

The difference is in Burrow’s zero-gravity surface technology and the five carefully designed and tested layers that make up the Lyric Hybrid. With individually encapsulated coils resting atop a layer of protective, premium base foam, the mattress has good support from the bottom up. That crucially comfortable base is topped with a layer of therapeutic memory foam (enough to feel like you’re resting on a cloud, not sinking), a gel-infused comfort layer (again, the cloud effect), and finally, a breathable nylon cover. The result is a mattress that not only eliminates back pain and provides incomparable rest, but has converted me from the ultra-firm mattresses of my past.