These Skull Logs Will Give You the Most Terrifying Fire for Halloween

published Aug 28, 2021
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(Image credit: Amazon)

It’s never too early to get into the Halloween spirit and, even if you think you’re not ready for the delights of the spooky season, you soon will be once you feast your eyes on the much-loved Amazon find that’ll be a bone-chilling addition to your fireplace or outdoor fire pit.

Not everyone likes cartoon ghosts and smiling pumpkins. Instead, some people might prefer decor with a darker theme. Crate & Barrel released a goth-inspired Halloween decor line that will speak to your black soul and, Thanks to Scary Mommy, we now know that you can purchase a fake human skull off of Amazon that you can light on fire. Nothing screams Halloween like beating the cold October evening chill with a burning (ceramic) human skull.

(Image credit: Amazon)

The skull logs are built reinforced and made out of high heat refractory, which is a type of ceramic. The skulls are designed to not burn, but instead, they will start to look more realistic after they’ve been used a few times, thanks to the soot accumulation. The skulls will start to look even creepier after they’ve been put to good use. The skulls have been made by three generations of designers and are handwork manufactured in California. The skull logs are made to be around the size of an adult’s skull, making them around eight to nine inches long, and 6.5 to 7.5 inches wide. They are hand painted and very heavy, so don’t be surprised when it shows up on your doorstep.

In a range of different colors and styles (black-as-night demon skull, anyone?), you can purchase 13 different skulls from Myard on Amazon, starting at $23.96. The skulls have received an array of five-star reviews, with shoppers sharing their love for the creepy ceramics.

“Awesome!! I have other ones but this one is cooler. The fire comes through the eyes and after you turn off the fire, there is a red glow that comes from the eyes!!” one customer wrote in a review titled “Great product and quality!!”. Another customer said that the skulls are “heavy and sturdy” and that they receive “lots of compliments” on the product.

While the skulls are primarily made for burning, many users have opted to use them as mantel decoration once the spooky season arrives, adding LED lights to the eyes to create a creepy glow à la The Home Depot’s 12-foot skeleton.

“Great for Halloween decoration and later as a headset stand, I myself put some LEDs in them to resemble some flickering fire eyes and it turned out great!” one reviewer said, while another claimed that the skulls are “too cool for the fire”.

“I bought this for my fire pit, but after receiving it this piece is so badass and awesome to look at I couldn’t put it in the fire,” they explained. “Instead I put an led light under the hollow cavity to illuminate the eyes. This looks so amazing on my bookshelf.”

So, whether you burn them or display them, they’re a huge hit. *Adds to cart*