This $8 Wall-Mounted Toilet Brush Makes Cleaning Bathroom Floors Easy

published Sep 11, 2023
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I would like to say I’ve now reached a stage in life in which I research toilet brushes in my free time, but the truth is, I’ve always been this way. My younger self would not be at all surprised at the time spent reading dozens of reviews and agonizing over silicone vs. traditional bristles or electric and self cleaning vs. affordable and easy to replace. In the end, I realize there’s one thing that matters most to me: wall mounting

Quick Overview

Why I Love the Canvint Toilet Brush

  • It’s wall-mounted wiith no drilling required.
  • It’s a silicone brush that’s flexible.
  • It’s affordable and modern.
  • It makes cleaning the bathroom floor easier.

As much as I love for things to be clean, the actual cleaning part is not my favorite. I try to remove any and all barriers (read: excuses) that get in the way of a sparkling-clean bathroom. I’ve found that if there’s nothing, or almost nothing, on the floor, I’m more likely to sweep and mop when I notice the bathroom needs it. But if I have to pick up a toilet brush to make it happen, that floor will stay dirty until the next deep clean. 

I ordered the wall-mounted Canvint Toilet Brush from Amazon for under $10, mostly because I really wanted to keep the price low. I like the clean lines, modern shape, and how it doesn’t draw any attention to itself. I prefer my toilet brushes to be as invisible as possible.

Mounting it was easy, but you only have one chance to get it right. The brush comes with two interlocking stickers, one that attaches to the wall, and another that attaches to the toilet brush holder. This means you can remove the entire set from the wall for cleaning or draining. But once that sticker adheres to the wall, it’s not going anywhere. I tried to remove it after my first attempt and took a chunk of my wall with it, so learn from my mistake and be certain about placement before you begin. That said, I’m glad I don’t have to worry about the toilet brush falling off the wall, and I didn’t have to use a drill to mount it. 

I did worry about “poop soup” getting on my wall, but it hasn’t been an issue. I rinse the brush by pouring water over it and into the toilet, and then let it drip dry into the bowl by closing the toilet lid on the handle to keep it in place. The silicone dries quickly, is more hygienic, and doesn’t retain water like a traditional brush. 

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I admit I was also nervous about whether or not silicone would actually be able to clean the bowl, and I kept my regular brush on standby just in case — but I love the Canvint Toilet Brush (as much as a person can love a toilet brush, I mean). The flexible head can reach spots my traditional brush never even considered touching, and the Canvint works just as well at removing stains. Now when I see someone complaining about silicone brushes on TikTok, I just keep scrolling. 

I’m so happy with my Canvint Toilet Brush that I’m already eyeing more wall-mounted finds, like this Yamazaki Home wall-mounted wastebasket. Just throw in a splurgy robot vacuum and mop combo, and cleaning the bathroom floors will be truly effortless. 

Are you team traditional bristles or team silicone?