This Collection Turns Your Existing Furniture Into a Cat Tree

published Sep 2, 2018
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(Image credit: Catssup)

Living with a cat can be very beneficial to your health. It has been proven that cats can reduce your stress and anxiety, lower your blood pressure, and decrease your risk of heart disease. But it isn’t always easy living with cats. We have to clean up after them, we find their toys all over, and often times their stuff takes up too much space in our homes.

If you live in an apartment, you know that there is a limited amount of space you have for furniture. Cats will sleep on every inch of furniture that you have, yet they need a place of their own. Many cat owners buy cat trees for their pets. However, a cat tree can be huge, unsightly, and just not functional for small living rooms or bedrooms.

That is where Catssup comes in to save the day. Rather than buy a big new piece of furniture, instead you can transform your existing furniture into a cat tree for your furry friend. Catssup helps owners make space for their cat, without compromising their own.

Catssup is a space-saving and easy-to-install cat furniture system that easily integrates into your home without the bulkiness of a traditional cat tree. The patent-pending system is modular and can be configured to fit different functions.
(Image credit: Catssup)

Cats and kittens that were not declawed (and sometimes, even kitties that did lose their front claws) need to scratch daily. They scratch for many reasons, like removing the dead layer of their nails or marking their territory. One product from Catssup is the Climbing Tower, with is a refillable scratching post that can be clamped on a horizontal or vertical shelf.

(Image credit: Catssup)

Furry felines also enjoy napping anywhere – your bed, your couch, on the TV stand, in your bathroom, on the floor, and more. The Sleeping Pill gives them yet another area to lounge around and catch some Zs. The pill-shaped resting platform clips onto most pieces of furniture to give your cat their own space.

If you have ever watched your cat attempting to get to the top of your bookshelf, you’ve seen them use other pieces of furniture as leverage. The Dot Step lets cats climb and explore vertical spaces, safely and at your discretion. If you finally want to let your cat reach the ceiling, now you can!

(Image credit: Catssup)

While speaking with Dezeen, Studio Ryte spoke of the idea behind creating Catssup:

“Instinctively, cats are more comfortable with heights because it provides them with a secure vantage point to survey the world below. Unfortunately, many modern households are unable to provide vertical spaces due to limited interior space and the bulkiness of conventional cat trees.”

You can check out the entire Catssup collection on their website.