Charlie & Henry’s Shared Bedroom

updated May 6, 2019
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(Image credit: Bethany Nauert)

Name: Charlie and Henry
Age: Charlie: 8 Henry: 10
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Room Size: 15′ x 15′

Bunk bed love! Charlie and Henry share a room, but each have their own area in the shared space. Designer Kristen Panitch designed built-in bunk beds and a bookcase/desk, which helped maximize the space and keep the room organized. The design of the room is definitely all-boy, but check back in tomorrow for their sister’s (Jane) pink bedroom.

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)
(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

What was the inspiration for the design of the bedroom?
Bunk beds with built-in private space that allowed for more room on the floor for playing. The bunk bed also has a trundle bed in it, which is perfect for sleepovers.

How did you decide on the color scheme for the space?
We had curtains from the nursery that we worked with as an inspiration. We really wanted a design that enables the space to evolve with the kids as they grow up. We thought that the dark green with black accents gave the typical boys room an unexpected vibe.

I love all the built-ins in the bedrooms, especially the built-in bunk bed. As kids grow up their rooms change so often and furniture gets switched out. What are your suggestions for designing a room with built-in furniture that will function through many years to come?
The intention was for the boys to be in that room until they go off to college. The built-in will help to keep things organized and, at the same time, give them their own personal space.

What do Charlie and Henry love most about their bedroom?
Charlie loves having a couch in his bedroom that he can lay on and read. He also loves his bed because it’s both comfortable and a bunk bed. Henry loves being able to hang his special things (mostly sports memorabilia) on his wall in his bunk space.

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

What are a few tips for designing a shared bedroom?
Try to create an individual space within the room. Keep an open neutral zone for playing. Also, involve both kids in the color palette choices.

I noticed that you selected decorative light fixtures instead of recessed lights for the bedroom. What was the thought process behind the lighting scheme for the space?
The ceilings are quite high and gave an opportunity to do something a bit more unusual. Lighting is an area that always brings personality and unique detail to a room.

How do you envision the room transforming as the kids get older?
We really don’t see too much change to the room, that’s what we envisioned for the design.

Sources: Most of the furnishings are built-ins, vintage pieces or custom designs.

Here is the info on the paint colors:

  • Walls – Farrow & Ball 1271 Eggshell
  • Ceilings – Swiss Coffee Flat
  • Trim/Bunk beds – Farrow & Ball Minster Green
(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Thanks Charlie & Henry!

(Images: Bethany Nauert)