Here Are the Cheapest Weekends to Travel in Summer 2019

published Jun 14, 2019
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Although the official start date of summer isn’t until June 21, the hot seasonal vibes are well under way! And with the thoughts of summer comes thoughts of vacationing, which is probably why you clicked on this article. In reality, though, most of can’t just jet off to our dream destination without a care as to how much it would cost. That’s why we decided to search for the cheapest weekends to travel this summer, plus where you should be jetting off to for said cheap price.

The people over at gave us the scoop on the top dates you should be looking to book flights this summer, three for domestic US flights and three for international locations.


For domestic flights, the first date is actually this weekend, 6/14/19-6/16/19 (median cost: $253) so you might have to act fast. Otherwise, you’re in the clear: the next cheapest is the following weekend, 6/21/19-6/23/19 ($256). If you’re looking to plan a vacation toward the end of the summer, the third cheapest weekend is 8/16/19-8/18/19 ($261). Plenty of time to plan the way you want!

Now you’re probably wondering, where should I be traveling to for these affordable prices? answered that question, too. See below for the destinations to hone in on:

Top 5 Cheapest places to travel in the U.S. – June 14 – 16

  1. Atlantic City- average airfare is $136
  2. New Orleans- $195
  3. Austin- $206
  4. Atlanta- $209
  5. West Palm Beach- $227

Top 5 Cheapest places to travel in the U.S. – June 21 – 23

  1. Denver- average airfare is $180
  2. Minneapolis- $189
  3. Tampa- $209
  4. Philadelphia- $215
  5. Asheville- $219

Top 5 Cheapest places to travel – August 16 – 18

  1. Denver- average airfare is $158
  2. Phoenix- $185
  3. Tampa- $200
  4. Las Vegas- $213
  5. Orlando- $258


Luckily for us, the cheapest summer weekends to travel for international trips are all fairly in advance—which is good since these flights are slightly more expensive than your domestic counterparts. Mark your calendars: the most affordable weekend is 8/23/19-8/25/19 ($610), followed by 7/26/19-7/28/19 ($637) and then 8/16/19-8/18/19 ($637).

As far as the destinations go, there’s a range to choose from (because who wants to be limited?) Most of these destinations are in Mexico, Caribbean, and Montreal, so your Euro adventure might have to be put on hold. But can you really complain about going to a beach?

Top 5 Cheapest places to travel – August 23- 25

  1. Montreal- average airfare is $213
  2. Vancouver- $258
  3. Guadalajara- $307
  4. Oranjestad, Aruba- $323
  5. Mexico City- $350  

Top 5 Cheapest places to travel – July 26- 28

  1. Puerto Vallarta- average airfare is $179
  2. Panama City- $274
  3. The Bahamas- $274
  4. St. Thomas- $290
  5. Toronto- $302

Top 5 Cheapest places to travel – August 16- 18

  1. Guadalajara- average airfare is $293
  2. Cabo- $365
  3. Belize City- $395
  4. Mexico City- $401
  5. Cancun $422

Happy traveling, friends!