Grab Your Headphones: Guided Meditations for Every Part of Your Day

updated May 3, 2019
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If you feel like you can stand to become more centered and relaxed throughout your day, then take a look at the guided meditations free on YouTube – there are hundreds of videos to choose from that take you from a stressed, anxious state, and back down to a zen attitude. No one’s weekday is an absolute breeze, and it’s easy to get caught up in stress when your responsibilities and to-do lists pile up mile high. In order to chip away at that, this article will lead you through meditations that are designed to fit into specific parts of your day: From when you wake up, to your morning commute, to your lunch break at work, up to the moment you’re back home and unwinding on your couch.

The concept of guided meditation is to help you center yourself and regain your balance when things in life start getting too hectic, and the videos are super handy because of how easy they are. All you need to do is save them into a YouTube playlist earmarked for meditation, take out your headphones from your bag, and take the five to 20 minutes you need to get yourself back on track. Check them out below!

Waking Up

While there are plenty of amazing guided meditations on YouTube, a lot of them veer into the 20 minute zone. But not everyone has that kind of time in the morning – or they don’t want to sacrifice too much of their snooze-hitting time. Keeping that in mind, here is a 10 minute meditation video that’s meant to start your day with positive energy and get your productivity going.

While You Get Ready

Depending on how late you wake up, getting ready can sometimes be a harrowing experience. You’re scrambling around the house trying to find your left shoe as you simultaneously brush your hair, turning your first hour of the day into nervy chaos. In order to slow that process down (and knock back your anxiety by a few pegs,) see if you can do this meditation video as you put on your clothes and get ready in front of the mirror.

Morning Commute

Whether traffic gets your blood pressure up or you feel your stress levels rise on the train thinking about the busy day ahead, this video can help you relax and become balanced again. It will get you calmed and centered before it’s time to clock in, allowing you to start your workday as your best self.

Lunch Break

Want some relaxation with your lunch sandwich? Whether you need to de-stress from the work day you’re only halfway through, or want to center yourself and become more mindful for the rest of the day, this video will help you reset.

Stressed At Work

If work is picking up pace and you feel caught up in a whirlwind, throw up a timeout and take a couple of moments to relax and catch your breath. It’s only five minutes, so you can do it quickly at your desk without anyone noticing. You’ll feel much better afterwards.

Kick Procrastination

Is it one of those days at work where you don’t feel like getting a single thing done? You pull up a task, stare at it for a minute, and then find an excuse to push away from your desk and do anything but that. In order to combat that, try this anti-procrastination meditation video that will get you motivated to dive back into your goals and tasks.

Commute Back Home

In order to leave your work stresses back at work and shift into a state of relaxation, pop in your earbuds and listen to this meditation video to get you decompressed.

Unwinding At Home

Try: Meditation for Stress, Anxiety, Worry from Rebekah Borucki

If you would like to center yourself and find your inner peace after dinner at home, this video is excellent to wipe away stress, anxiety, and worry that might have followed you around that day. It includes lying down on the floor and deep breathing, and will have you shaking off the troubles from the past 12 hours.

Before Bed

Try: Meditation for Sleep and Insomnia from Rebekah Borucki

Whether you have insomnia or want to go to bed with your brain wiped clean, try this meditation for sleep. It will help you become more positive, let go of any mistakes you made that day, and get you looking forward to tomorrow.