This TikTok-Favorite Tool Saves My White Sheets From Pet Hair — and It’s Under $25

updated Oct 28, 2021
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Ask any pet owner, and they’ll tell you the benefits of sharing your home with a furry companion or two (or more!) far outweigh the downsides. There are plenty of mental health benefits to owning a pet — and if you walk your dog regularly, plenty of physical benefits, too! — and nothing beats cuddling up at the end of a long day with a small creature who thinks you are the center of their universe. But as someone who shares one small apartment with two black cats, I’ll be the first to tell you about how often I am cleaning cat hair off of almost every surface imaginable.

Because trust me: Holly and Olive may both be domestic shorthairs who love to groom themselves (and each other), but their fur gets everywhere, and especially on my bedding. While I change my white sheets on a weekly basis, the duvet tends to accumulate cat hair on one corner of the bed within a day or so of the swap-out. I’ve tried plenty of tactics to get rid of the accumulating hair but by far the best method is an under-$25 roller that TikTok is obsessed with. (You can now get it for 10 percent off using code Spooky10, which works sitewide until October 31.)

Called the ChomChom Pet Hair Roller, it’s a handheld lint roller that uses a rough, nubby fabric to pick up the hair as you push and pull it back and forth across any surface that needs attention. Two guardrails on either side of the roller then trap the hair into a chamber on the back of the tool. Simply pop the tool open when you want to clean it out and toss your pet’s shed hair in the trash.

In a viral TikTok video, user @thisisprobablyaboutacat showcased how the ChomChom works on a floral chair cover, and there are plenty of other TikToks attesting to the tool’s power. Truth be told, I owned my ChomChom before I saw it on TikTok, but social media has a funny habit of reminding you about things you already own.

Now, I use the ChomChom whenever I need to freshen up my bedding, my velvet dining chairs, or most other fabric surfaces in my apartment. I’ve found that it doesn’t work as well on rugs as it does on traditional fabrics, but users on TikTok have tried it on even the plushest throw blankets to moderate success. In fact, the only thing the ChomChom won’t do is keep your pet off the white bedding to begin with — but that’s the price you pay for a lifetime of unconditional companionship.